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The Donors Behind Greenpeace’s Ridiculous Ideas About Seafood Sustainability

It’s from 2013, but, some things never change. Greenpeace relies on major donations from distinguished foundations like Tides and Packard, groups that use florid language to set forth high-minded goals. But Greenpeace’s unserious and self-indulgent actions rarely live up to their sponsors’ idealistic rhetoric. Tides was founded by philanthropist Drummond Pike out of “a need to facilitate the giving of philanthropists who were concerned with building a better future for individuals and communities all over the world.” How? Read the rest and watch here! 15:53

Greenpeace-friendly Boston Globe Botches Tuna Report

From the Letter-Another symptom of how Ms. Zwirn indulges Greenpeace is that they are presented with virtually no skepticism or scrutiny — not on their ideology, nor their methodology, nor their expertise, nor the feasibility or consequences of the demands they make.  Here are some easily confirmed facts, for instance, that might have been shared with readers: The methodology Greenpeace uses is entirely subjective, kept confidential, and unverifiable. They have precisely zero experience in fisheries management and the “seafood project leader” Ms. Zwirn cites repeatedly has actually spent his career in labor organizing, and joined Greenpeace only recently.  Read the rest here 20:38

National Fisheries Institute (NFI) calls out the Environmental Working Group for it’s not so good “Good Seafood Guide”

The professional fearmonger,  anti-vaccination-conspiracy-theory-pusher, and all-around activist shop that is the EWG is out today with another addition to their collection of flawed reports on mercury and seafood. This new EWG’s Consumer Guide to Seafood is a rehash of the same debunked and tired tropes EWG has been trying to push on the public for years. Read the rest here 11:13

NFI to Obama: We insist on having a seat at the table on new task force, marine sanctuary

fisherman-obamaThe National Fisheries Institute (NFI) is demanding a seat at the table with Obama administration agencies to discuss the implications — and implementation — of two new policies that swirled into view in rapid succession during the State Department’s international oceans summit on Tuesday. Read more here 16:10

The NFI claims that Greenpeace is a “science-averse” organisation that only cares about fundraising. (They ain’t the only ones!)

Fish Info & Services Co.Ltd – The National Fisheries Institute (NFI) is accusing Greenpeace of lying about US retailers’ seafood sustainability practices, and thus challenging reporters to interview Greenpeace before “regurgitating” the information in its press releases. continued