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Sept. 25th – Celebrating The Iconic Maine Lobster Industry On National Lobster Day

For the third year in a row the Maine Lobster industry is gearing up to celebrate National Lobster Day on September 25th. Maine Lobster is an American icon that has been enjoyed by diners across the world for centuries.,, “Most people don’t know that the best time to enjoy a Maine Lobster is during late summer and fall, which is why we celebrate National Lobster Day on September 25th,” said Dave Cousens, Maine Lobsterman. “It’s important to us that we bring attention to our industry during the time when our catch is at its highest.” click here to read the story 14:17

Celebrate the Legacy of Maine Lobster for National Lobster Day, Sept.25th 2016

5918161762_e7de5b33d4_bAmericans adore live Maine lobster and will order it for special occasions, fly it in from Maine, and have given it important scenes in movies. Nostalgia for Mainers’ gruff independence, isolation, and willingness to brave dangerous seas in pursuit of Larry lobster is ingrained in our nation’s psyche. Plying the open seas at the mercy of nature is just part of the mystique, but it’s also real and our respect for the hard work the lobstermen do is genuine. Maine lobster fishing is a 400 year old bit of Americana that is as authentic today as it was in 1605 when the first recorded lobster catch was made by Captain George Waymouth and his crew aboard the boat the Archangel. They cast a net just off shore of the island of Monhegan and were pleasantly surprised to have pulled up a generous haul of fish and many “great lobsters.” Read the story here 12:48