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Stock assessment meeting erupts into lively talk between NOAA scientists and fishermen

Diagrams, life-like statues and pictures fill the New Bedford Fishing Heritage Center to depict the history and future of the industry. NOAA scientists and local fishermen filled the small building on Bethel Street on Wednesday night to discuss future stock assessments. The meeting, though, told another aspect in the story of the Port of New Bedford: the decades old tension that continues to exist between the groups. “We all have to pull in the same direction,” Executive Director of New Bedford Seafood Consulting Jim Kendall said. Instead a powerpoint presentation listing stock limits led to a discussion, which evolved into an argument and ended with two fishermen abruptly leaving. Russ Brown, director of the Population Dynamics Branch of NOAA, ended his presentation to meet with the fishermen outside. They spoke outside for 20 minutes before parting ways with a semblance of mutual respect. click here to read the story 20:44

Mass. fishermen land $14.5 million in disaster relief

sct logoThe funds announced by NOAA Wednesday are short of ideal, according to Jim Kendall of New Bedford Seafood Consulting. “It’s only $14.5 million?” Kendall said. “Jesus.” “The question is how it’s going to be utilized and who’s going to be the ones receiving it and how it’s going to be distributed”¦. There’s an awful lot of unknowns.” Kendall said with the discussion of relief allocation, the “average crewman or the regular deckhand” are left behind. In addition, he pointed to the businesses that support groundfishing that also suffer from the disaster. Read more here  06:49

Fish worker advocates push for ‘code of conduct’ for SouthCoast companies

sct logoNEW BEDFORD — To improve safety in industries dominated by immigrant workers, a local group will try to recruit city companies to sign a workplace code of conduct. “We want the fish companies to take measures so there are no more deaths, no more accidents,” said Adrian Ventura, director of Centro Comunitario Trabajadores. Read more here  03:44

“Decentralization” – Senate Appropriations Committee would dissolve NOAA’s Northeastern Regional Office, Provide $150 million in disaster relief, allocated to three regions

sct logoA key Senate committee approved a bill that would dissolve NOAA’s Northeastern Regional Office in a proposal some fisheries advocates say could make things easier for the region’s fishermen.  “This new approach is seemingly advantageous,” said Jim Kendall, head of New Bedford Seafood Consulting and a longtime critic of NOAA and regulations affecting area fishermen. “Decentralization — it sounds good, and it sounds like it could be very beneficial if it works.” [email protected]