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Fisherman Reaching Out to New England Congressional Delegation to Support Senator Murkowski’s S.B. 437

Recently, President Obama declared a large area of the Continental Shelf closed to fishing by Executive Order designating New England Coral Canyons and Seamounts National Marine Monument. As a retired fisherman, I am very concerned with more and more Monument area’s that forbid our fisherman from fishing in those waters. I fished these waters back in the 60’s for whiting in March, April, and May. This was good because we laid off fishing for haddock cod flounder groundfish. There were also off shore lobster men there. We had a 90 foot dragger and we saw one the first off shore lobster boats out there. When my Dad saw him in that 45 foot boat, he said he was nuts! Lobster and Red Crab will continue fishing there for seven years, while fishermen were excluded in mid-November. I would like to reach out to our Senators and Congressmen in New England and ask them for their support of Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski’s Senate Bill 437, the “Improved National Monument Designation Process Act” that in essence would have input from each state before going to Congress.

It says, “The President may not declare any area of the exclusive economic zone to be a marine national monument unless: it is specifically authorized by Congress, the President has certified compliance with NEPA, and each state legislature within 100 nautical miles of the proposed monument has approved it. Neither the Department of the Interior nor the Department of Commerce may implement a restriction on the public use of a marine national monument until the expiration of an appropriate review period providing for public input and congressional approval.”

Thanks to Senator Murkowski, we might put a halt to more monuments. After all, those in the fishing industry and the consumer they serve have the most to lose. Senator Murkowski has twenty-six senators on board and I commend her and Senator Sullivan for their efforts to help our fisherman all over.

Thank You, Sam Parisi ,Gloucester Proud to have been a fisherman

Fisherynation Editorial – Jane (eliminator) Lubchenco’s Consolidation Porn Production. Paid for with your fish.

So. I’m sittin’ here rackin’ my brain, just wondering, what beauracratic, moronic, opportunist would commission a group of dream team bean counters, with some financial hocus pocus wizards to invent a $180 million dollar loan package (that’s what it is) for a desperate, beleaguered, broken industry, and wondering what collateral is being used to support this Jane  (eliminator) Lubchenco, consolidation porn production?!!

My fish. Your fish. Our fish.

I mean, man. You know none of the politicians would come up with an idea like that?!

They BURN money. They don’t expect it to provide a return. They shovel it to get rid of problems. Shut people up. Closure.

Then they do it again for the next big thing!

But this. THIS is REALLY something!

A $180 Million dollar loan to buy up the rest of the guys that our politicians say they care about, the little guys, freeing up all kinds of fish to finance the thing.

$15 Million for at sea monitors that NOAA was looking at from their budget because it was a small boat breaker.

Paid for with our fish.

Slick little fix for Andy and his gig from Team Dismantle.
Good score, Drew!! aunty got yer back!

Paid for with our now more expensive fish.

$30 MILLION so the big boys can have more fish, plus $5 million for sector management that should after two years should be self sufficient by now, and will be seeing an exodus of the disenfranchised.

And a paltry $7.5 MILLION for collaborative and “traditional” research?

From what I’ve seen of “traditional” lately from Team Eliminator, “traditional” should continue to be funded from “traditional” sources. Like the NOAA budget, while this industry aligned with schools like SMAST and VIMS get us what we need. Real results, not that eco system crap Rusty does.

That “traditional” has been continuous trade offs, as was revealed at the yellow tail working group meeting. Enough trade offs.

I say $7.5 Million for collaborative research should come from the NOAA budget. Its time the people’s money was used properly.

This thing has a familiar odor.