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Some New England Fishermen Consider A Fight Over Obama’s Monument. This Is Why They Should.

When the concept of the National Marine Monument arose, it was a surprise to many people, and the notion of it becoming reality seemed far fetched. This week we learned it was reality, and it was a stinging slap in the face. Rep Rob Bishop R-Utah tipped us of with an article titled, “Obama will leave his legacy at the expense of fishermen”, Sept, 14th, on the eve of the State Departments “Our Oceans” conference in Washington, DC. The confirmation the following day was bitter for many. There have been hundreds of articles written in the aftermath from the enviro friendly, to the revelations of the many fishermen that will be affected, including some that say the industry will consider a legal challenge, and challenge that designation they should! Meghan Lapp the Fisheries Liaison for  Seafreeze Ltd. and is active in the process of fishery management, wrote an article that appeared in the Massachusetts Lobsterman’s Association Newsletter pre announcement of the designation. As with all good fishery articles, it is timeless and important to be seen by as many fishermen and the general public after the fact, because it lays out the basis as to why this should be a call to action to reverse this Obama Antiquities Act overreach that, quite possibly, may not be legal at all. Click here to read the article with a number of links at the bottom of the page. 17:58

1943: Grizzled New England fishermen unload their catch in lower Manhattan

Opened in 1822, the Fulton Fish Market in lower Manhattan was for decades one of the largest markets in the United States, a nexus of commerce both for large seafood wholesalers and people looking to pick up something for dinner. Here, Office of War Information photographer Gordon Parks documents the path of a fresh catch from the boats of New England fishermen to the vendors’ stands. View the photo’s here 10:13

New England Fishermen face devastating cod cuts

cod-fishNew Bedford’s commercial fishing industry — battered by last month’s arrest of magnate Carlos Rafael on federal conspiracy charges, last week’s drug raids on the waterfront and ongoing monitoring costs — took another punch to the gut this week, as government regulators proposed new cuts to cod catches that could take effect May 1. “Those cuts will be devastating to the groundfishing fleet of New Bedford, and the whole New England coast,” said John Haran, manager of groundfish Sector 13. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), in conjunction with the New England Fishery Management Council, released a proposed update Monday to the federal management plan for the northeastern fishery. Read the rest here 20:45

New England fishermen fear looming costs for at-sea monitors

New England fishermen, running out of time before the federal government hands them the cost of monitoring the industry at sea, say emergency intervention is needed or many of them will be out of business. Several New England congressmen said they are looking for ways to reduce the burden for fishermen. U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte, a New Hampshire Republican, has submitted a bill to terminate the independent, third-party monitoring program unless it is fully funded by NOAA. She and., requested an investigation of the monitoring program,,, Read the rest here 08:02

Roger Berkowitz, Legal Sea Foods CEO talk’s about the new restrictions on New England fishermen – Video

In addition, Berkowitz also weighs in on everything from global warming and impact on fish stock to traffic in the innovation district. [email protected] 11:36

Salt of the Sea screens for students at Murie Science Building, University of Alaska Fairbanks

The screening of the movie  was produced and directed by filmmaker Tom Garber. “Salt of the Sea” is a story about what it takes to be a fisherman out in the open seas of New England and how governmental policies, economics and courage pushed fishermen to their limits and beyond. [email protected]  23:57

Mass. delegation calling SBA loans aid for the New England fishing industry.

The entire Massachusetts Congressional delegation has asked the U.S. Small Business Administration to provide financial assistance to New England fishermen who have been affected by reductions in annual catch limits and groundfish stocks. The Commerce Department last fall issued a declaration of disaster for the Northeast groundfish fishery, saying that it could require $100 million in federal aid. [email protected]  08:27

Lawmakers join push for SBA fish aid – Gloucester Daily Times 13:50

New England Fishermen – Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary seeks advisory council applicants

The sanctuary is accepting applications for the following seats: Research, two  primary members; conservation, primary member; education, alternate; marine  transportation, primary member and alternate; recreational fishing, primary  member and alternate; mobile gear commercial fishing, primary member; business  industry, alternate; at-large, primary member and alternate; and youth, primary  member and alternate. [email protected]  09:31

Senator Warren Discusses Relief for Fishermen in FY14 Senate Appropriations Bill with Bob Vanasse

logoradio-microphoneExecutive Director Bob Vanasse interviewed Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren on efforts to bring relief to New England fishermen  through provisions in the FY14 Senate Appropriations bill.

[email protected]

Fisherman Survival, Perverted ENGO Logic, and another NOAA/NMFS Fumble. Plan to reopen New England fishing spots debated

BOSTON (AP) – A plan to allow certain New England fishermen back into fishing  grounds where they’ve long been banned was so objectionable to environmentalists  that two groups sued to kill it months before it was officially released. And after the proposal was unveiled last week, fishermen who once backed the  idea called the plan a useless gesture that does nothing for their struggling  industry. None of the criticism surprises the Northeast’s top fishing regulator, John  Bullard. But he says it doesn’t mean the proposal to reopen 3,000 square miles  of Atlantic Ocean can’t work. “We recognize it’s probably not going to make anyone happy,” Bullard said. But,  he added, “We think it’s a responsible way to make abundant stocks accessible to  people.” [email protected]

Status quo tightens squeeze on fishermen

gdt iconJust six weeks into the new fishing year, Gloucester and other New England fishermen and their federal regulators share a common belief that the very existence of the fishery is in peril, yet both sides remain entrenched in their feelings regarding how to deal with the crisis the federal Department of Commerce acknowledges is an “economic disaster.” continued @ Gloucester Daily Times

Push for aid for fishery intensifies as budget process begins

WASHINGTON — Less than three months after an effort to provide a pool of aid to distressed fisheries across the nation died at the end of the last Congress, efforts to secure disaster relief funding for New England fishermen are heating up on Capitol Hill. continue reading

OUR OPINION: NOAA succeeds only in making fishermen extinct

Simply put, New England fishermen will likely be extinct by 2014. Years of unfunded, unscientific and punitive laws handed down by the National  Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have cast fishermen adrift in a sea of  regulations designed to drown them. Ostensibly, NOAA’s goal was to protect cod  and other groundfish from extinction, yet none of its measures have worked. Read more

John Bullard, enemy of porpoises?- or Is Carl Safina just a winey Enviro Wench?!

Bullard just gave those fishermen a free pass to ignore the law for another four months,” fumed Carl Safina of the Blue Ocean Institute in a sizzling commentary titled “As Fisheries Service Dithers, New England Porpoises Drown.” And Sufina is willing to sacrifice the remainder of New England fishermen. John Bullard upheld National Standard 8. Finally someone has the balls to do things right, and Safina the winey bitch is drooling with mad contempt while  co-author Andrew Read, professor of marine biology at Duke University pouts with him. I think it’s time to land these porpoises, and process them for people to eat. I’m willing to eat it instead of wasting it. They like all other Marine Mammals are experiencing a population explosion thanks to the success of MMPA, a law pushed by environs and others in 1972 with no consideration of consequence. That being huge numbers of marine mammals! Bon Appetit!

November 02, 2012 12:00 AM, Steve Urbon-Three months into his tenure as the Northeast regional administrator of the National Marine Fisheries Service, former New Bedford mayor John K. Bullard is being called a heartless porpoise killer and a pushover, or worse, for the fishing industry. And it’s not just anyone doing the accusing. It is a pair of prominent marine scientists, one of whom Bullard says he considers a friend from his earlier days at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. http://www.southcoasttoday.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20121102/NEWS/211020324