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To avoid another massive fish kill in the Peconic, limits on bunker fishing lifted by “episodic event set aside program,”

2016_0401_bunker-1With unusually large numbers of bunker fish appearing in the Peconic River this spring, commercial fishermen will be allowed to net bunker in an effort to prevent the massive bunker kills seen last year, thanks to a ruling announced today by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission. The interstate commission, which limits how many fish can be caught each year, has agreed to add New York to a special program that allows greater numbers of bunker to be harvested in places where bunker are occurring in higher abundance than normal. The decision was made specifically to reduce the amount of bunker in the Peconic Estuary, where bunker have been reported in unusually large numbers since last month. Commercial fishermen will be allowed to use seine nets to capture bunker in the Peconic River. Up to one million pounds of bunker are allowed to be harvested under the episodic event set aside program. Read the rest here 14:25

A Fluke: 17 Years Later, DEC Sent Him $1K for Some Fish

StuartVorpahlPortrait“What are you going to do with it?” I (Dan Rattner) asked Stuart. “We’re still deciding which part of the South of France we want to go to,” he said. “What part of the State of New York is the check from?” “It’s from the State of New York Department of Environmental Conservation.” “Who signed it?” I asked. “The Governor?” “Some woman, Mary E. Balooski or Baloski, I can’t read the writing. And the whole check is handwritten, which is odd. Computers usually fill out checks from the government. This one arrived in the mail.” Read the rest here 14:39

State probe faults DEC search, seizure policies on fishing

A state agency charged with policing Long Island’s fisheries failed to process years of vital fishing reports, had inadequate procedures for returning proceeds seized in fishing arrests and improperly allowed , a state probe has found. The findings follow a three-year probe of the New York Department of Environmental Conservation by state Inspector General Catherine Leahy Scott. Newsday obtained a draft copy of the report, which is scheduled to be released this week after years of delays. Read the rest here  00:39

Salmon in NY waters have complex natural instincts

Chinook, or king, salmon are stocked in New York waters. These fish actually are Pacific salmon that are raised in state hatcheries, said Matt Sanderson, a regional fisheries biologist with the New York Department of Environmental Conservation. Brown trout and coho salmon also are stocked by the state. [email protected] 08:40