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Judge Dismisses Newport Fishermen’s Wives Helicopter Lawsuit Against Coast Guard


Despite the dismissal, the Fishermen’s Wives say the lawsuit ultimately staved off the Coast Guard’s plan to close the Newport air facility last December. The Fishermen’s Wives filed the lawsuit last fall shortly before the planned closure of the Newport Air Station and resulted in an injunction for several days before President Obama signed legislation prohibiting removal of the rescue helicopter prior to January 1, 2016. Read the rest here 07:22

Federal judge declares ‘moot’ a lawsuit over Newport Coast Guard air base closure

af5857_bd597e2a1bf84cecafda9cd4c6078a2d_jpg_srz_359_244_75_22_0_50_1_20_0U.S. District court Judge Michael McShane last week declared a lawsuit attempting to block the decommissioning of a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter base in Newport as moot, since the base’s existence has been guaranteed until at least early 2016. In October, a group consisting of the Newport Fishermen’s Wives, the city of Newport, Lincoln County and others, sued the Coast Guard in federal court in Eugene to block the closure, which had been scheduled for mid-December. Read the rest here 20:16

Newport Fishermen’s Wives lawsuit against the Coast Guard – Judge hears arguments

Whether a federal judge agrees to toss the Newport Fishermen’s Wives lawsuit against the Coast Guard seeking to keep the Newport helicopter air station open won’t be known for several days. The Fishermen’s Wives filed the lawsuit last November after the Coast Guard announced on Oct. 2, 2014 that it planned to close its Newport air station and fly central coast helicopter search and rescue missions from bases in North Bend and Astoria.  Read the rest here 10:42


In a communication to parties to a lawsuit seeking to keep Newport’saf5857_bd597e2a1bf84cecafda9cd4c6078a2d_jpg_srz_359_244_75_22_0_50_1_20_0 open, the Coast Guard is now saying that the closure announcement was not an order – it was only “a proposal,” and that “the proposal” has since been abandoned. And for that the Coast Guard is now saying the lawsuit filed against them by Fishermen’s Wives should be dropped. Fishermen’s Wives spokeswoman Ginny Goblirsch has written a response to this latest Coast Guard position: Read the rest here 11:08

Fishermen’s Wives attorney responds to Coast Guard claims that the helicopter is not needed in Newport

af5857_bd597e2a1bf84cecafda9cd4c6078a2d_jpg_srz_359_244_75_22_0_50_1_20_0Fishermen’s Wives attorney Michael Haglund has filed his clients’ rebuttal to the Coast Guard’s allegations that they have done their homework to justify the closure of the Coast Guard Air Facility at Newport. But first a review of the Coast Guard’s basic arguments for closure. The Coast Guard contends the closure will have no effect on the safety of those,,, Read the rest here 15:52

Newport Fishermen’s Wives: Blazer sinking highlights need for Coast Guard rescue helicopter

The helicopter was dispatched before dawn on Saturday to rescue the boat’s five-person crew as the vessel sunk near Siletz Bay. If the helicopter hadn’t been available, members of the Newport Fishermen’s Wives argue, men might not have arrived home safely. Read the rest here 21:19

Newport Fishermen’s Wives seeks injunction to prevent the USCG from eliminating our helicopter

af5857_bd597e2a1bf84cecafda9cd4c6078a2d_jpg_srz_359_244_75_22_0_50_1_20_0Newport Fishermen’s Wives is filing suit in federal court, seeking an injunction to prevent the USCG in Wash D.C. from eliminating our helicopter. To make a contribution for legal fees, click the link below. OR mail your contribution to NFW P.O. Box 971 Newport, OR 97365 NFW is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Thank you so much. ‪#‎savethehelo‬ http://www.newportfishermenswives.com/#!savethehelo/ccmz 10:17

Newport fishermen’s wives scramble to save rescue helicopter -Won’t give up without a fight

NEWPORT, Ore. — At 11 a.m. Friday morning, the “Newport Fishermen’s Wives” group held an emergency meeting hours after hearing that the Coast Guard plans to close the town’s search and rescue air operation. The fisherman’s wives first brought the helicopter with it’s four-person crew to Newport after a series of fishing tragedies in the 1980s. Read the rest here  Sign the Petition HERE. 12:27