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‘It’s not just commercial fishing’ Farage exposes the scale of Brexit ‘DEATH SENTENCE’

Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage told listeners of his LBC radio show this morning that the scale of fishing betrayal goes beyond Britain’s commercial fisheries. The Brexiteer MEP revealed that even British anglers are have been betrayed by the Brexit transition deal agreed with the EU. Mr Farage’s furious remarks came as angry fishermen across the country staged a series of protests against the deal in six different locations. More than 200 fishing boats took to UK waters this afternoon to rage against the deal that will leave the UK’s fishing industry at the mercy of the EU after March 2019. >click to read<11:03

The TRUTH about the multi-million pound fishing firms monopolising UK seas

As UKIP leader Nigel Farage leads a flotilla of UK fishermen up the Thames to protest unfair fishing quota allocation, it has been revealed that the fleet’s flagship trawler was caught up in the UK’s largest ever fraud involving illegal catches of fish: ‘the black fish’ scandal of 2009. The Christina S vessel is now partly owned by one of the richest fishing barons in the country, Andrew Marr, who was named in our recent investigation into the monopolisation of UK fishing rights. >click to read< 12:01

Arron Banks to launch pirate radio station off Clacton coast if he becomes UKIP candidate

Millionaire businessman Arron Banks will start his own pirate radio station off the Clacton coast to help become the Essex town’s MP if he is selected as the UKIP candidate. Mr Banks, who caused controversy this week by admitting he knows nothing about the town, would use the pirate radio station, based in a fishing trawler, to help his election campaign. DJs would include former UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who now hosts a nightly LBC radio talk show, and former BBC Radio One presenter Mike Read. The details have been confirmed by Andy Wigmore, a spokesman for Mr Banks. In a statement issued to this newspaper, Mr Wigmore, a former DJ himself who would also be one of the station’s presenters, said: “We have been given a trawler by fishermen campaigning for fishing rights after Brexit. click here to continue reading the story 08:48

Farage takes centre-stage in fishers’ Brexit policy launch

Nigel Farage will team up with former UK Government minister Owen Paterson for the launch of Fishing For Leave’s Brexit manifesto in London today. A spokesman for the organisation said it would make clear the “constitutional realities and extrication process” needed to make sure UK control over fishing is “automatically repatriated and not betrayed as negotiating capital a second time”. He added: “This policy advocates a radical new approach of a fit-for-purpose days-at-sea management regime suitable to the UK’s rich highly mixed fisheries. “It ends the cause of the abhorrent practice of mass discarding caused by EU quotas and provides a framework to rejuvenate coastal communities that have suffered so much.” continue reading the article here 13:23

Farage to resign as UKIP leader after ‘Brexit’ vote

Nigel-Farage-676588Nigel Farage announced Monday that he will step down as the leader of the UK Independence Party, saying, “I’ve done my bit” to get Britain out of the European Union. He said the party was “in a good position” following the EU referendum and that his political ambition had been achieved. “I came into this struggle from business because I wanted us to be a self-governing nation, not to become a career politician,” Farage said. He declined to endorse a successor but said, “May the best man, best woman win.” It’s not the first time Farage has said he would resign as the UKIP’s leader. In 2015 he offered to step down after the election, but party members urged him to stay on. Read the rest here 09:05

Nigel Farage to lead 60-boat armada up Thames in call for Brexit

Nigel-Farage-676588The Ukip leader revealed he will lead the fleet on a “small trawler” with Eurosceptic fishermen in protest against EU fishing quotas. Mr Farage told LBC Radio: “On June 15 I will be boarding a small trawler in Southend-on-Sea at 5am, so not much point going to bed really, and we will catch the flood tide, and there will be 60 boats in a flotilla coming up the Thames and we will arrive outside the Palace of Westminster at midday. “It will be big, visual and dramatic, and the demand will be clear – we want our waters back. “It’ll be commercial fishermen from all over, mostly from the east coast of England but some coming from further afield and if other political figures have got the stomach for it then they are very welcome to come and join me. Read the rest here 13:50