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From the Moderator : NOAA Fisheries Service? No such agency! It’s still the National Marine Fisheries Service

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First off, I’m a cranky old person.I wasn’t always like this, but time and events have taken their toll. I’m not ready for the dirt sandwich, although, ya never know! For quite a while now, something has been bugging me, and it has nothing to do with my crotchetiness. NOAA, and the National Marine Fishery Service have pulled an  MMS. continued


Time to change NOAA to EDF because they sound like EDF- Lube Job Jane and the Parrot Brigade You can’t sell that in New England, Jane its bull bleep

According to a 16-page NOAA report, 138 quota holders ,,,,,,,,fishermen compete for the total allowable catch, which often turns into a fishing derby as vessels rush to haul in as much as they can before the overall limit is reached.,,,,,,,,,,creates a situation with “too many vessels going after too few fish.” Fishing derbies, they note,,,,,,“Catch shares allow fishermen to plan their businesses better, and be more selective about when and how they catch their ,,,,,Shares are typically allocated based on historical participation levels ,,,,,,yadda, yadda, yadda, you know the drill. http://www.fishermensnews.com/story/2012/11/01/features/noaa-officials-say-trawlers-adjusting-nicely-to-catch-shares-system/129.html

Fishermen fight NOAA penalty for accidental catch of porpoises – Bullard Meets NH Fishermen –

PORTSMOUTH — Seacoast-area fishermen told new National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Regional Administrator John Bullard on Wednesday that a pending “consequence closure” of a section of the Gulf of Maine could spell the end of the fi,,,,,,,,,Read More   http://www.seacoastonline.com/articles/20120913-NEWS-209130409