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Editorial: Markey, Warren right to stress core issues on fishery

gdt iconIn posing their questions to Sullivan, Warren and Markey targeted the issues at the very core of the current dispute over the latest NOAA regulatory actions. Those are questions over the validity of the science that has led to the new area closures decreed by NOAA northeast administrator John Bullard in November, and the timing and justification for carrying out the unscheduled stock assessment that produced the controversial data in the first place. Read the rest here 08:35

Gloucester Daily Times Editorial: NOAA ‘openings’ hardly the help fishermen deserve

The announcement by NOAA Northeast Administrator John Bullard that the agency is looking to open up portions of long-closed groundfishing areas primarily off Cape Cod and Nantucket area may seem like a viable gesture in the wake of thegdt icon job- and industry-killing Gulf of Maine cod limit cuts and the tight clamps on other stocks that took effect May 1. [email protected]

Massachusetts State Attorney General Martha Coakley has filed suit against NOAA – Go Martha!

BOSTON — State Attorney General Martha Coakley has filed suit against the federal National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, charging that NOAA wrongly failed to consider the “devastating economic impact” on fishing commungdt iconities when it set crippling new catch limits on Gloucester and other Massachusetts fishermen.  continued

Letter to the Editor: Bullard’s spin on fishery doesn’t hold water – Sam Frontiero, Gloucester Ma.

gdt iconAfter reading his letter, and following his actions, it shows just how destructive the views of NOAA Northeast Administrator John Bullard are. Throughout history, people leave their legacies, and his, I believe, will be as the tyrant that took down the fishing industry which has been around since the beginning of time. His orders on catch limits are taking down all related jobs and crippled so many families — all because of his so-called power. continued  Bullard’s letter

Editorial: Fish panels’ united Magnuson stand sends powerful message

gdt iconThe relatively rare, unified stand by all eight U.S. fishery management councils calling for more flexibility within the Magnuson-Stevens Act may not make a whit’s bit of difference for fishermen and waterfront businesses in Gloucester and elsewhere. continued

Our view: NOAA shows it’s answerable to no one – It’s up to Congress not to let them get away with it. – The Salem News

But in the end, it was state Sen. Bruce Tarr who made perhaps the most telling statement, saying, “It’s time to prove the power of democracy is stronger than the power of bureaucracy.”

Why is that basic statement so telling? Because Bullard and Commerce officials proved Tuesday that Tarr was dead-wrong. That’s right, folks. All the actions, all of the pleas from officials ranging from Gov. Deval Patrick and Coakley to Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Congressman John Tierney, have achieved nothing. HEAR HEAR! NOTHING. continued

Sorry, Sen. Tarr, it’s now clear that there is no “democracy” or accountability when it comes to NOAA and America’s fisheries.