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NEFMC fails to agree on scallopers’ wish to enter long-closed areas

mkThursday the council failed to come to terms about the specifics of the plan in Georges Bank, which centers on an area on the Canadian line called the Northern Edge. On Wednesday the council approved several measures in the Gulf of Maine, delineating protected areas where certain forms of fishing gear will not be permitted. Georges Bank was another matter. NOAA Fisheries regional administrator John Bullard had signaled his disapproval of preliminary plans on the grounds that they weren’t protective enough of habitat. And when council member  introduced an amendment to make the plan more acceptable to NOAA fisheries, the meeting collapsed into disarray. Read the rest here 08:28

As feds look to replenish fisheries, catch limits decried at rally

Wicked Local Photo By David Sokol. Caleb

By Matt Murphy/STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE – At times heckled by angry fishermen during the course of the rally, NOAA  Regional Administration John Bullard, a former mayor of New Bedford, stood  silently for almost two hours as elected official after official criticized his  agency for refusing to intervene. continued