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New England: Groundfish Revenue DOWN 41 percent – Local fishermen critical of NOAA reports on industry

seacoastonlinelogoDespite the findings, locals aren’t convinced that the much-maligned industry or fishermen in the Northeast are recovering. “I don’t believe them,” said New Hampshire Commercial Fishermen’s Association President Erik Anderson. Anderson said local reports still show New Hampshire groundfish revenues are down by about 41 percent, which is part of the reason why he doesn’t believe the hardships of the Seacoast and other struggling areas are a focus of the mainly national-level NOAA reports. Read more here  08:44

NOAA Reports: New England groundfisheries still struggling

sct logo“The report puts every region together with the whole country and calls it a big success, but in New England the groundfishery really isn’t doing well,” said Brian Rothschild, former dean of the School of Marine Science and Technology at UMass Dartmouth. “We still have some real problems in New England straightening out our management picture.” Read more here  08:49

New England: Federal fish reports show grim picture – Gulf of Maine thorny skate???

gdt iconIf you’re looking for an accurate barometer of the dire state of the Northeast groundfish fishery, you need look no further than the two reports NOAA released Tuesday afternoon — one on the overall state of U.S. fish stocks and another on national fisheries economics. Read more here  07:59