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Gloucester to take brunt of new NOAA fishing hits

manatthewheelThe port of Gloucester and its sector-based commercial fishermen could be crushed under emergency measures NOAA Fisheries is considering for Gulf of Maine cod, potentially losing as much as one-quarter of all groundfish revenues, according to a NOAA economic report. The ultimate revenue loss will be contingent on how far NOAA cuts the Gulf of Maine cod quota as part of the emergency measures to combat what the agency has described as the continued decimation of the area’s cod stock. Read the rest here 12:52

This is not good, friends. Not good at all. Parasites in Yellowtail Flounder Could be Preventing Population Rebound

Yellowtail liver with Ichthyophonus granulomas. Photo courtesy of Dr. Roxanna Smolowitz.

Yellowtail liver with Ichthyophonus granulomas. Photo courtesy of Dr. Roxanna Smolowitz.

logoScientists at the Coonamessett Farm Foundation (CCF) in Massachusetts  are researching the effects of a fish-killing parasite recently  observed in Georges Bank yellowtail flounder populations. The organism, Ichthyophonus, progressively invades its host’s vital  organs, destroying their liver, kidneys, and heart. It generally  afflicts older fish in a stock, which are also the most important for  repopulation. continued

LIVE – Northeast Groundfish Science Forum – Listen via Webinar set for November 9 begin at 8:30AM,

Registration is not required, but we are trying to get a headcount. To confirm your participation or for more information, contact Teri Frady at [email protected] / 508 495 2239.

Speakers have been added and the agenda has been further developed since the first announcement. The forum will also be available via webinar . An audio recording will be posted afterward. http://www.nefsc.noaa.gov/groundfish/meetings/

Fishermens Northeast Ground Fish Science Forum – Portsmouth, New Hampshire.- Second Announcement – November 9, 2012 Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

An Invitation from Bill Karp http://www.nefsc.noaa.gov/groundfish/meetings/invite.html

Think about attending if you want to: Meet with people from NOAA’s Northeast Fisheries Science Center and others who know the northeast groundfish stock assessments inside and out Find out what’s known about fish stock condition, how it’s known, and what’s limiting better understanding.  Share what you know. Help make assessments better.

This meeting is open to the  public. No fees for attendance or parking.  For more information contact teri.fra[email protected] / 508 495 2239.

We are trying to get an attendance estimate.  To confirm your attendance or for more information contact [email protected] / 508 495 2239.


Study shows new signs of sea change By Richard Gaines Staff Writer Gloucester Daily Times

Sea surface temperatures along the Northeast Shelf Large Marine Ecosystem — the waters off the New England and Mid-Atlantic coasts — were the highest ever recorded during the first half of 2012,

the government reports.“A profound warming event occurred on the Northeast Shelf this spring, and this will have a profound impact throughout the ecosystem,” said Kevin Friedland, a scientist at NOAA’s Northeast Fisheries Science Center in Woods Hole. The average sea surface temperature in the region exceeded 51 degrees, surpassing the previous record for the time of year, from 1951. The average sea surface temperature for the time of year over the past three decades was more than three degrees lower than the high http://www.gloucestertimes.com/topstories/x1618663563/Study-shows-new-signs-of-sea-change