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How oil damages fish hearts: Five years of research since the Deepwater Horizon oil spill

Scientists with the Ecotoxicology Program at NOAA’s Northwest Fisheries Science Center in Seattle have been working to understand those effects. “Along with our research partners,” said Nat Scholz, the scientist who leads the program, “we’re investigating the more subtle, lingering, and potentially widespread impacts of oil on the health and survival of fish.” Read the rest here 14:19

Someone is confused! (hope it ain’t me) Puget Sound Jellyfish show up in areas of poor water quality – Foragefishapalooza!

Is it water quality? or is it not? Did forage fish leave because the water sucks, or is it overfishing? “The important thing,” said Rice, “is that people are trying to understand this stuff. It is exciting to compare notes and talk about how things are being pushed around at the bottom of the food chain. Our observations so far are consistent with going down the jelly road.” Read more here oregonelive 16:38