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Moulton reports his letter spurs Reforms to NOAA observer program

Congressman Seth Moulton (D-MA) commended the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for agreeing to make important reforms to the Northeast Fishery Observer Program (NEFOP) for lobster fishing. In August, Moulton, along with Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Ed Markey, Congressman Stephen Lynch and Congressman Bill Keating sent a letter to NOAA that called on the agency to address issues with the observer program and its impact on the New England lobster industry. The letter asked for an action plan from NOAA for specific cost, sustainability and safety concerns raised by the region’s lobstermen. Read the rest here 12:44

Congressman Seth Moulton – a friend to lobster industry by Beth Casoni

We would like to publicly thank Congressman Seth Moulton for supporting our efforts against the expansion of the Northeast Fishery Observer Program to lobster vessels in Massachusetts. Although we have always been confident in Congressman Moulton’s abilities to advocate on behalf of the hardworking lobstermen in Massachusetts’ 6th District, his actions are proof of this commitment. Earlier this week, Congressman Moulton led a letter Read the rest here 16:01

NOAA seeks to put observers on lobster vessels

Green Harbor MaLocal lobstermen are concerned increased observation by the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration through the will pose an unnecessary burden and result in potentially crippling regulations. Pete Mason, who works as a lobsterman in Marshfield, said boats already provide NOAA with the information it seeks, such as where they fish, what they catch and what they throw back. “It’s just kind of redundant,” he said. Officials from NOAA, however, say there’s been a misunderstanding. Misunderstanding??? BS! Read the rest here 14:02