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NOAA/NMFS to Reimburse Sector At-Sea Monitoring Costs

NOAA/NMFS will pay for all at-sea monitoring costs for fishing year 2018. Any groundfish sector trip beginning on or after May 1, 2018 that was selected for at-sea monitoring coverage is eligible for reimbursement. NOAA will also reimburse industry for an additional 25 percent of their at-sea monitoring costs in fishing year 2017 using remaining prior year funds, bringing the total reimbursement for 2017 to approximately 85 percent. This reimbursement was provided for by Congress through an FY18 funding increase for groundfish at-sea monitoring. >click to read<12:54

Savage quota cuts will finish off the New England small boat groundfish fishery

manatthewheelFishermen and fishing stakeholders say the darkness that has descended on the Northeast groundfish fishery over the past three years is only going to grow deeper in 2016, with some fishing stakeholders envisioning the final collapse of the small-boat industry due to slashed quotas for species they believe are abundant. “We’ve never had a greater gap between what the fishermen are seeing on the water and what the scientists are saying,” Giacalone said. “Never.” Read the rest here, if you can stand it. 06:23

How a groundfish disaster today can spawn a different-looking fishery tomorrow

lobdrag041813-2.jpgThe federal government declared the Northeast groundfish fishery a disaster in 2012. But disaster arguably struck the region’s groundfishing fleet, particularly in Maine, long before that. In 1982, there were 328 vessels from Maine actively fishing for groundfish. By 2012, the number had fallen to 63 vessels participating in the first true industry that took root in colonial America — fishing for cod, haddock, flounder, pollock, hake and other ocean bottom dwellers. In 2014, 52 Maine vessels held groundfish permits. Read the article here 21:20

NOFish Announces Area Closures for Common Pool Northeast Groundfish Fishery

The following area closures and possession limits are in effect as of today: Gulf of Maine Cod Closed: Possession limit ZERO American Plaice Closed:  Possession limit: ZERO  Cape Cod/Gulf of Maine Yellowtail Flounder Closed:  Possession limit: ZERO Click here to read the notice. 13:57

New England: Federal fish reports show grim picture – Gulf of Maine thorny skate???

gdt iconIf you’re looking for an accurate barometer of the dire state of the Northeast groundfish fishery, you need look no further than the two reports NOAA released Tuesday afternoon — one on the overall state of U.S. fish stocks and another on national fisheries economics. Read more here  07:59

NOAA data shows spiraling fishery – Fish landings, revenues off in 2012

gdt iconsct logoThe Northeast groundfish fishery performed at an almost historically low level in 2012, with alarming declines in landings and gross revenues and a continuing downward spiral in the number of vessels actively fishing, according to a report released yesterday by NOAA. Read [email protected]  00:29

NEW BEDFORD — An NOAA Fisheries analysis of fishing year 2012 in the Northeast groundfish fleet concludes that landings and revenues were at their lowest point in four years. Read [email protected]  00:36

Fishing aid gets Senate’s final OK – Editorial: Fishing aid still no long-term industry solution

gdt iconThe vote by the Senate, which followed Wednesday’s overwhelming victory in the House, means the federal government now will provide its first meaningful financial assistance to fishermen since the Department of Commerce declared an economic disaster in the Northeast groundfish fishery and elsewhere in 2012. Read [email protected]  04:44

Editorial: The ironic aspect of this disaster aid approval is that, at the start, fishermen and related waterfront businesses never wanted or reached out for government handouts in the first place. Their hands were simply forced by lopsided, heavy-handed fishing limits and enforcement tactics that were cited as excessive by the Department of Commerce’s own Inspector General’s office beginning in 2009, yet still haven’t been adequately addressed by either NOAA or its parental Commerce leadership. Read [email protected]  04:44

Today, NOAA Fisheries announced the final management measures for the Northeast Groundfish Fishery for 2013.

GLOUCESTER, Mass. — April 30, 2013 — Based largely on advice from the New England Fisheries Management Council, NOAA Fisheries announced today  final management measures for the Northeast groundfish fishery, including much lower quotas for some key groundfish stocks, and actions that will help fishermen better manage and adjust to these quotas.  In anticipation of these cuts, the Department of Commerce pre-emptively declared a fishery disaster in the fall of 2012 and continues to work with Congress to help mitigate impacts to the region and maintain the long-standing culture of fishing in these communities. continued