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NOAA report may underestimate the decline of Northeast groundfish industry

CSF BOOMDan Georgiana has taken a look at NOAA’s report on the state of the multispecies fishery and drawn his own conclusions. The report follows: The “2013 Final Report on the Performance of the Northeast Multispecies (Groundfish) Fishery (May 2013 – April 2014)” by NOAA’s Northeast Fishery Science Center shows continued decline in almost all measures for the Northeast Groundfishing industry in Fishing Year 2013. The accuracy of the Report is not in question but its employment of legal definitions for active groundfishing vessels and trips may underestimate the declines in this fishery.  Read the rest here 12:03

The Salem News Our view: NOAA leaders should extend cod rules

It’s too early to gauge the legitimacy of the latest NOAA science and assessment of the Gulf of Maine cod stocks.,,,But given that the latest assessments may yield cuts in cod landing limits of up to 86 percent over the already diminished current year, NOAA and its New England Fishery Management Council owe it to all fishermen to do a thorough review of the methodology that’s gone into a study that could virtually wipe out the Northeast groundfishing industry for the new fishing year beginning May 1. Read more

GloucesterTimes.com Editorial: NOAA leaders should extend current cod rules

Indeed, it’s time that NOAA officials realize that, until there is true cooperative research and stock assessments involving both the government and the industry, there will be dire credibility questions about science from an agency thatmanatthewheel admittedly used the wrong-sized nets and other gear in the infamous “Trawlgate” scandal at the turn of the new century, and from an agency led by a “scientist” — outgoing NOAA administrator Jane Lubchenco — who was a major signer to the alarmist “Oceans of Abundance” report  that was corporately funded by the Walton Foundation of Walmart fame, and has been widely refuted across the marine science community. Read more