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Groups sue feds over Pacific bigeye fishing rule

earthjustice $upereco-manThe complaint says the rule invents separate catch limits for American Samoa, Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands. The lawsuit says each U.S. territory can then allocate half of its catch limit to Hawaii-based longline fishing vessels. Read  the rest here 17:01

Guest: Pacific Island fishing culture is under attack – Edwin Ebisui Jr. and Kitty Simonds

No FishingThe president’s final action, announced on Sept. 25, formally proclaimed 490,000 square miles of these waters as part of the PRIMNM. This modification reduced, but did not remove, the harm to our fishermen and communities who depend on these waters for their livelihoods and sustenance and to supply legal, reported and regulated seafood to U.S. consumers. Read the rest here 08:19

Mama’s Fish House is starting a new FAD making life easier for Maui’s fishermen ( a new series? Good Cook – Bad Cook?)

The Maui News – Yes, it’s true. The iconic 40-year-old Mama’s Fish House in Kuau is starting a new FAD. That is, “fishing aggregate device,” to assist local fishermen with an effective deep-sea helper. “We are funding a fishing buoy!” she continued. “There are so many reasons this is the right thing to do, including supporting the local fishermen on which our business relies.” continued