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Ice and weather causing problems for Northern Peninsula crab fishers

In a normal season fish harvester Ronald Patey of Englee would have caught his crab quota by now. However, bad weather and ice are causing problems for crab harvesters on the Northern Peninsula so far this fishing season. Patey of Englee made his first crab-fishing trip on May 17. “It’s unreal how slow going it is,” said Patey. “I believe my first trip last year we hauled up 2,800 pounds. Our first trip this year we hauled up 700 pounds.,,, The situation is a little better for St. Anthony fisherman Jamie Rose. >click to read<20:13

Many Northern Peninsula harvesters preparing to pack up gear as cod season slows

Now into the last week of October, many fishermen along the Northern Peninsula say the cod season is dwindling for the year. Englee harvester Larry Cull says despite a rough start, it’s been a decent season for his enterprise. “We lost about three weeks because we had no buyer,” said Cull. “It was not as good as last year, but still fairly good.” With a lack of capelin along the peninsula shores this year, most of the cod caught has been particularly small with an assortment of odd baits found in their bellies. click here to read the story 10:50

Despite cutbacks and an extended crab fishery, shrimp harvesters still making their way

With increased uncertainty for the industry, shrimp fishermen along the Northern Peninsula are still working hard and hoping for the best in the midst of another season. Anchor Point fisherman Roland Genge says Shrimp Fishing Area (SFA) 8 has supplied his boat with roughly 800-1000 pounds per hour, and in areas like Port Harbour, it can be found all over the ground. “Boats are spread right out and getting pretty much the same amount of catch right on through,” Genge said.,, With biomass declining and quota cuts causing mass grievance among fishermen across the island, Genge says the fears and anxieties surrounding the shrimp populations are not to be found where he’s been casting nets. The shrimp population appears as plentiful as ever. click here to read the story 09:35

Northern Peninsula shrimp fishers see no reason to fish in 2017

The Fish, Food and Allied Workers (FFAW) union held a meeting for the 4R fleet in Hawke’s Bay on April 24. FFAW 4R chair, Rendell Genge, and the 4R vice chair, Roland Genge, both from Anchor Point, say that if the current outlook persists, in regards to prices and quotas, it’s likely that none of the 4R fleet will participate in the northern shrimp fishery this year. Earlier this year, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) announced the northern shrimp quota in shrimp fishing area 6 (SFA 6) would be cut by 63 per cent. Coming on the heels of this was the news that the price for northern shrimp has dropped from $1.40 per pound in 2016 to $0.95 this year. The 4R fishers say they want better prices for shrimp before they can even think about fishing for it. To give a sense of how drastic the reductions in quotas and price would be this year, Roland explained the math. click here to read the story 21:18

Newfoundland: Shrinking shrimp resource hitting home – Industry bracing for quota cuts again in 2015 –

It takes sweat and tears, in addition to these shellfish, to keep the boat in the water, steam it as much as 20 hours from Port aux Choix to the fishing grounds, set a trawl and pull the sloppy masses aboard, year after year. The 65-foot vessel is owned by Dwight Spence. Its crew includes his son, Ashley Spence, who has been fishing for more than 20 years, family friend Wade Rumbolt and Chad Spence — now a poster boy for the Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters — who has fished on and off for 15 years with his father and brother. Read the rest here  Video here 10:42

Northern Peninsula inshore Shrimpers reject Area 6 quota cuts

“People have got million-dollar boats to pay for, and with cuts like this coming down they aren’t going to be able to make those payments,” he said. “It’s less shrimp going into the four plants on the Northern Peninsula, which means less work for their employees. “Just try and imagine the Northern Peninsula without those four shrimp plants and boats.” Read more here  thetelegram 15:56

People on the northern peninsula are concerned about potential cuts to the shrimp fishery

mza_1601165783653993600_255x255-75The 60,000t quota in 2012 and 2013 was split between the inshore fishery – which supports the shore based shrimp plants in Newfoundland that produce cooked and peeled shrimp, and the offshore fishery which produces frozen shell on shrimp (cooked and raw), sold into global markets.  Listen to the broadcast fisheriesbroadcast   Read more here 21:43

Northern Peninsula boats tied up in shrimp price dispute

Shrimp fishermen around the Northern Peninsula are tied up in a price dispute with processors.   [email protected]