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Newfoundland: Shrinking shrimp resource hitting home – Industry bracing for quota cuts again in 2015 –

It takes sweat and tears, in addition to these shellfish, to keep the boat in the water, steam it as much as 20 hours from Port aux Choix to the fishing grounds, set a trawl and pull the sloppy masses aboard, year after year. The 65-foot vessel is owned by Dwight Spence. Its crew includes his son, Ashley Spence, who has been fishing for more than 20 years, family friend Wade Rumbolt and Chad Spence — now a poster boy for the Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters — who has fished on and off for 15 years with his father and brother. Read the rest here  Video here 10:42

Shrimp stock decline widespread, research shows

maine shrimpAschan pointed out research shows the world cold water prawn stocks are declining. She said there are larger and expanding cod stocks and predation by young cod reduces shrimp recruitment to the fishery. However, a warming ocean is probably the main reason for the decline — directly and indirectly, she noted. Read the rest here 19:17

Canada Wraps-Up Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization Annual Meeting – A Mixed Bag

VIGO, SPAIN — On the heels of this year’s Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization (NAFO) Annual Meeting, Fisheries and Oceans Canada highlighted the various management decisions taken by the Organization, with a view to ensuring conservation and sustainability. Read the rest here 18:38

Renews fisherman Gerard Chidley appointment part of major changes at NAFO

NAFO has long been a source of controversy and intrigue since its inception in 1979. The organization’s role is basically to manage and monitor fish resources between all the member nations — including countries in North America, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean — that fish in the NAFO convention area off the east coast of Newfoundland.  [email protected]  09:41

Canada Continues to Advance Sustainable Fisheries Management and Protection of Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems at the Annual Meeting of the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization

Halifax, Nova Scotia – At this year’s  annual meeting in Halifax, the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization (NAFO)  adopted a range of measures to strengthen the conservation and management of  key fish stocks and to protect vulnerable marine ecosystems (VME) that form  habitat for many of those species. [email protected] 22:37