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NOAA Determines Porbeagle Sharks Not Threatened or Endangered

porbeagle sharkEarlier this year, we published a positive 90-day finding in response to petitions to list porbeagle sharks (Lamna nasus).  A comprehensive status review, including an Extinction Risk Analysis, was completed by a group of NOAA Fisheries biologists with expertise related to porbeagle sharks. In the status review, two Distinct Population Segments of porbeagle sharks were identified – North Atlantic and Southern Hemisphere (southern Atlantic, southern Indian, southern Pacific, and Antarctic Oceans).  The status review was peer reviewed by external (non-NOAA) experts.  Based on the best scientific and commercial information available, including the status review report, and taking into account ongoing efforts to protect these species, we have determined that porbeagle sharks do not warrant listing at this time. Read the rest here For more information please see the Federal Register Notice 17:05

Effort by Sausalito group to designate great white sharks as endangered falls short

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission voted not to list the Northeast Pacific population of white shark as threatened or endangered. Bolstering the state view was another study by the National Marine Fisheries Service that put the population closer to 3,000.  Read more here 14:25