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Something smells

Prince Edward Island and northern Nova Scotia fishermen are scratching their heads in bewilderment these days over lower-than-expected prices for spring lobster. At the halfway point in the season, it’s well past time for some straight answers from buyers, processors and shippers. All market factors heading into the May 1 opening indicated a strong season for prices, certainly matching, if not surpassing, 2017. Yet, the latest fish price report indicates otherwise. The price per pound for canner lobster ranges between $5 and $5.50, while markets are fetching $6 to $6.50. That’s a $1 drop since opening day and about $1 less than last year — comparable with prices paid in 2002. >click to read<17:44

Nova Scotia fishermen win back right to operate as Local 4 of Maritime Fishermen’s Union

pro_union_bumper_sticker-r5386e95db31e4d338255c00df66cb141_v9wht_8byvr_324A Nova Scotia fishermen’s local has won a court case to get back its union accreditation. “It means we can get back to the business of representing our fishermen on fishermen issues instead of spending, as we did, almost two years battling to maintain our organization’s accreditation,” said Gordon Beaton, president of Local 4 of the Maritime Fishermen’s Union on Friday. That battle began when the province’s fisheries and aquaculture minister informed the local that its membership was too small and revoked its accreditation. The minister at the time was Queens-Shelburne MLA Sterling Belliveau. Beaton’s group represents about 45 people who fish in Region 1, which stretches from Pugwash to Cape North. That’s a small portion of the 600 or so fishermen in the region. Under the 2011 Fish Harvester Organizations Support Regulations, the local needed 100 members or 15 per cent of the fishermen in the area. However, the court found that Local 4 was accredited in 2002 under an earlier act. It was nearly 10 years later that the new legislation, with membership minimums, came into effect. It also included a grandfather provision for organizations accredited under the old legislation. Read the rest here 18:09

Big Catches, Big Prices cause boat backlog for Nova Scotia fishermen

A booming lobster industry certainly has its ups, but some of the downs are becoming apparent to one fisherman from Kelly’s Cove, N.S., who says he can’t find a vessel because boat builders are being stretched by high demand. Craig Smith sold his old fishing boat to put a down payment on a new one, which was supposed to be ready last August. Since then, he’s managed to get by using boats he leases. Boatyards in Nova Scotia have been working full tilt, as fishermen get rid of older vessels in favour of new ones as they capitalize on a prosperous season of big catches and good prices in southwest Nova Scotia. Read the rest here 09:01

Legislation for lobster levy ready – won’t go ahead without fishermen’s support

Keith%20Colwell%20Pictou West MLA Karla MacFarlane asked Fisheries Minister Keith Colwell Friday for an update on the levy that could see Nova Scotia fishermen pay either one or two cents for every pound landed, which would go towards marketing Nova Scotia lobsters. “We are losing ground on collective efforts to co-ordinate a lobster marketing plan like other provinces such as Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Labrador, for they are all supportive of the Lobster Council of Canada and are moving ahead of Nova Scotia with their marketing strategies,”,, Read the article here 11:14

Strong catches follow end of lobster fishermen’s protest – Fisheries Minister Sterling Belliveau talks MSC certification?

Strong lobster landings were reported in many northern Nova Scotia harbours as fishermen returned to the water Tuesday. Nova Scotia fishermen voted 196 to 52 at Monday’s meeting in favour of ending their protest after meeting with provincial Fisheries Minister Sterling Belliveau. Belliveau, who hadn’t attended three prior meetings, came armed with a promise to provide financial support for Marine Stewardship Council certification of lobster as a sustainable fishery. He also promised the establishment of a panel with representatives of the lobster industry from the three Maritime provinces that will look at structural issues and creating efficiencies in the fishery. continued

Miracle at sea: Nova Scotia Fishermen escape death from rogue wave

THE HAND of God delivered two Nova Scotia fishermen from the deep earlier this month, says a Woods Harbour skipper. Sandy Stoddard, captain of the Logan & Morgan, spoke Monday about a miracle at sea two weeks ago, when two young men who were tossed overboard after a violent rogue wave slammed into their boat were returned from almost certain death. continue