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Northern fishing groups want help getting fair share of quotas

A coalition of Nunavut fishing companies has called for the creation of a federal fund to help the territory “catch up” and acquire a fair share of offshore shrimp and turbot quotas. Brian Burke, the president of the Nunavut Offshore Allocation Holders Association, said the territory’s fishing industry needs access to a more equitable share of its offshore resources. Even with a slight increase made to Nunavut’s turbot allocations last year, the territory holds 73 per cent of all turbot quotas and 38 per cent of shrimp—about 50 per cent of the overall allocation. >click to read<12:25

Nunavut fisheries casting a net for federal infrastructure money

nuliajukNunavut fisheries say the Liberal budget is giving them renewed hope for much needed money and infrastructure to stimulate their growing industry. The budget offered some good news and some bad news for the territory’s fisheries including money for development, training and research although Inuit fisheries are still not included in some programs aimed at First Nations fisheries. “Firstly the strengthening of the Northern Economic Development — that’s good news from a Nunavut perspective,” said Jerry Ward, chair of the Nunavut Offshore Allocation Holders Association, which represents Nunavut’s offshore fishing industry. Read the rest here 15:42

Nunavut officials press for Arctic search and rescue base – “Within the last six months we’ve had two near disasters”

Nunavut’s fishing industry is renewing its call for a search and rescue base in the North after two recent major incidents where fishing vessels were in distress in Arctic waters for hours before help arrived. “Within the last six months we’ve had two near disasters,” said Jerry Ward, chair of the Nunavut Offshore Allocation Holders Association. Last September, the Atlantic Charger fishing vessel took on water near the mouth of Frobisher Bay. The nine-person crew was rescued by a Danish ship. Then last month, the F/V Saputi ran into ice and took on water. Hercules aircraft from Nova Scotia dropped pumps as the Danish Navy escorted the damaged ship and crew of 30 to Nuuk, Greenland. Read the rest here 08:04

Nunavut-based marine training helps grow Inuit fishing crews

Nunavut has more then 40 per cent of Canada’s coast line, but very few marine crew members in here are actually from the territory — or even Inuit. The Nunavut Fisheries and Marine Training Consortium wants to change that, starting with the territory’s fishing industry. Read the rest here 14:54