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Oak Bluffs shellfish constable says seed scallop must be protected

dave-grunden-shellfish-2-700x357Mr. Grunden first announced the closure at the selectmen’s meeting on Oct. 13. “It was a very difficult decision,” he told The Times on Monday. “A lot of factors had to be considered, including a few people’s wages. But there is a very high percentage of seed in the pond.” Mr. Grunden said it was the first time he has closed Sengie to scalloping in his 16 years on the job. And the closure was not well received. Read the article here 17:16

Oak Bluffs Selectmen Try to Cool Heat Over Scallop Closure in Sengie

ml_scalloping_sengekontacket_moreOak Bluffs selectmen this week tried to broker a compromise solution in a heated dispute among town shellfishermen over the closing of Sengekontacket Pond to bay scalloping. Shellfish constable David Grunden opted to close the pond to scalloping this year because of a large number of seed scallops and small number of adult scallops. The decision was unanimously backed by the town shellfish committee. Read the rest here 13:03