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Port au Choix crab fishermen charged with obstruction of justice over May protest

Harvesters who took part in a protest in Port au Choix last May have now been told they will be charged with obstruction of justice and placing crab pots in a wrong zone. Fisherman Dean Olfrey was called in for a meeting Wednesday, Oct. 11, and was informed he and the other harvesters involved in the protest would be facing these two charges. “It was a peaceful demonstration,” Olfrey said. “We just wanted to show that we should have the right to fish in this zone, and now they’re looking to charge us.” click here to read the story 12:14

Head of fisheries enforcement didn’t understand laws, trial hears

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2The province’s head of fisheries and aquaculture enforcement has admitted he didn’t understand his department’s laws and policies in 2011, when he was dealing with a case involving the brother of Deputy Premier Paul Robichaud. Read more here  cbcnews 22:54