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BOEM OCEAN GRABBING – To Auction of 742,000 more acres of Fishing Grounds for commercial wind scam energy production

obama beenie 3US BuffaloOffshore wind energy generation always seems to be a distant reality, for the United States at least. But the development pace could pick up with the planned auction of over 742,000 acres off Massachusetts that could produce enough electricity to power half of the homes in that state, said the U.S. Department of Interior on Monday. Read the rest here 11:17

A new report on Ocean Grabbing – The Global Ocean Grab

Ocean grabbing is not only about fisheries policy. It is unfolding worldwide across an array of contexts including marine and coastal seawaters, inland waters, rivers and lakes, deltas and wetlands, mangroves and coral reefs. The means by which fishing communities are dispossessed of the resources upon which they have traditionally depended is likewise taking many shapes and forms. Read the report here    09:52