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Southeast Alaska King Salmon Head North In Search Of Cooler Waters

Some king salmon reared in Southeast Alaska are traveling farther north as .  The king salmon hatched in Southeast’s four top-producing river systems, the Alsek, Situk, Taku, and Stikine, are going very far afield. “All four of these stocks are considered outside-rearing, or what we term the far-north migrators. This means that shortly after the juveniles enter the marine environment to rear, they essentially take a right and head out to the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea.” Audio, Read the rest here 20:01

Atlantic puffins in peril in US

AP – PORTLAND, Maine (AP) – The Atlantic puffin population is at risk in the United States, and there are signs the seabirds are in distress in other parts of the world. In the Gulf of Maine, the comical-looking seabirds have been dying of starvation and losing body weight, possibly because of shifting fish populations as ocean temperatures rise, according to scientists. continued