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Clinton Outlines Policy on Coasts, Oceans in Response to Letter from 115 Ocean Leaders

hillary_clinton_2014_ap_img_0Like it or not, surfers are stakeholders. A group of people with skin in the game regarding the health of our oceans. That manifests itself differently for everyone. Some just want to rest assured they can have fun in the water every once in a while without getting sick or dying. Others use it as a springboard to become a full fledged environmentalist, fighting to minimize global reliance on plastics, and otherwise reduce pollution. But regardless of where surfers fall individually along the spectrum, government policy toward oceans and coastlines matters collectively to the surfing population. U.S. presidential candidates have spoken at length about issues ranging from gun control to immigration, but a contingent of “ocean leaders” felt details about how each candidate would address oceanic and maritime issues were underrepresented. That’s why the group of 115, made up of  CEOs of seafood companies and other businesses, directors of major science labs, aquariums and diver organizations, well-known ocean explorers, authors, artists, ocean conservationists, members of Congress and former heads of the EPA and NOAA, collectively addressed both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in a two-page letter. Read the story here 08:04

Nunavut MP Hunter Tootoo named minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard

Nunavut MP Hunter Tootoo has been named minister of Fisheries and Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s new cabinet.  He’ll become Canada’s second Inuk to be appointed as a senior federal cabinet minister as he’s sworn in Wednesday morning at Ottawa’s Rideau Hall. The Fisheries and Oceans ministry is a diverse one that will take Tootoo from coast to coast to coast. The department also oversees sealing. That’s been a contentious issue in the Atlantic provinces and in Nunavut, where Inuit hunters have suffered due to the European Union’s ban on seal products. Read the rest here 14:29

U.S. to focus on climate change, oceans as new chair of Arctic Council

The United States is starting its term as chair of the Arctic Council by adamantly steering clear of geopolitical and military issues, in favour of focusing on social and environmental stewardship of the North.,, The U.S. plans to put climate change at the centre of its leadership. Kerry said that there is a plan in place to try to curb black carbon and methane emissions which, he said, have more devastating environmental effects than C02. Read the rest here 10:38

Senator Cantwell Speaks On The Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund

During the hearing, Cantwell also asked about the impact of budget cuts on Washington state’s West Coast groundfish fishery’s observer program, as well as the ongoing U.S.-Canada Pacific Albacore Treaty negotiations, and what was being done to ensure U.S. fishermen have fair access to albacore tuna. continued