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Oysters in the Chesapeake Bay: When Partnerships Work

Too often, environmental groups, regulators and fishermen find themselves cast in antagonistic roles on marine issues. Prolonged legal and regulatory battles frequently top headlines, while successful conservation partnerships go unheralded. The Chesapeake Bay, long plagued by problems like pollution and runoff, is benefitting from one such partnership. Read more here 11:10

Omega Protein Corporation reconstitutes Reedville fleet, cuts workers

Omega Protein Corporation just added two newly converted fishing boats to its Reedville plant after warning for months it would have to reduce its fleet by two boats once Virginia and other Atlantic states imposed a quota on the commercial menhaden fishery. But Omega says that, despite the new additions, its Atlantic fleet is still seeing a net reduction of two vessels overall, and the company has cut shoreside workers and fishing crews, as it likewise warned it would. continued