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InnovaSea Systems Inc. has raised $15 million for farming fish in the open ocean

Boston-based InnovaSea Systems Inc. has raised $15 million to develop an all-in-one system for farming fish in the open ocean, an approach that the company and its partners say is vital to a sustainable future for the seafood industry. InnovaSea was formed in 2015 from the merger of Maine’s Ocean Farm Technologies Inc. and another company out of Seattle, Washington. Both companies made large underwater pens to contain fish while they grow big enough to harvest for food. The new funding comes from Cuna Del Mar, an investment firm focused on open-ocean aquaculture. Cuna Del Mar formed InnovaSea after buying a stake in each of its predecessor companies. continue reading the article here 13:28 (you may need to register, easy enough)

NMFS – Gulf of Mexico rule opens the door for seafood farming in the open ocean

Plenty of feel good NOAA propaganda! – NOAA filed a final rule today implementing the nation’s first comprehensive regulatory program for aquaculture in federal waters. The groundbreaking rule creates a coordinated permitting system for the Gulf of Mexico, opening the door for the region to expand seafood production and create new jobs in an environmentally sustainable manner. “As demand for seafood continues to rise, aquaculture presents a tremendous opportunity not only to meet this demand, but also to increase opportunities for the seafood industry and job creation,” said Kathryn Sullivan, Ph.D., NOAA administrator.  Read the rest here 13:30

Projects Stall After Feds Allow Fish Farming in Open Ocean

Some 90 percent of seafood consumed by Americans is imported — a fact that the Obama administration vowed to start turning around by expanding fish and shellfish farms into federal waters. Yet nearly two years since the first permit was issued, the United States still has no offshore farms. The pioneers of offshore aquaculture say their plans have stalled or been abandoned because of the long and expensive federal permitting process that requires extensive environmental monitoring and data collection. Read the article here 07:36