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Pledge to dredge will likely keep Oregon Inlet open in North Carolina

Dare County commissioners agreed Thursday to dedicate $1 million to pay the Army Corps of Engineers to dredge the inlet. The move all but assures for the first time that the inlet remains open, said Dare County Commissioner Beverly Boswell. “We’ll have a dredge here when it’s needed,” she said after the vote. Oregon Inlet proponent and boat captain Harry Schiffman and others have pleaded with the county to pay for dredging for more than 20 years. Read the rest here 08:46

VIDEO: Dredging the Oregon Inlet

dredge-Currituck-320x230The U.S. army Corps of Engineers, Wilmington District, started recently dredging operations at the Oregon Inlet in order to remove the shoaling that has been obstructing the federal channel passage for commercial fishing vessels. First on the site was cast dredge Merritt that opened the federal channel at the navigation span of the Bonner Bridge to a controlling depth of 8 feet so the hopper dredge Currituck can work to open the channel to as great a depth as possible up to its authorized depth of 14 feet. Watch the video here 15:04

Oregon Inlet restrictions eased, re-opening channel for commercial/charter boats

oregon inletBoats with drafts of up to 5 feet can now use the Oregon Inlet channel, opening the passage to most charter fishing boats just as the Easter weekend gets under way. A temporary emergency order is still in affect for boats needing more than 5 feet of water. They are not permitted within 100 yards of the Bonner Bridge. The Oregon Inlet Guides Association said in a statement that the Coast Guard’s decision to ease restrictions came after receiving feedback from local captains and additional surveying. Read the rest here 19:55

Lawmakers scramble to reopen Oregon Inlet

oregon inletState House and Senate lawmakers are scrambling this week for funds and fixes to reopen Oregon Inlet and dredge other inlets and ports. While House lawmakers are poised to allow Dare County to raise its local sales tax to pay for dredging, Senate lawmakers are working on a fix on the state’s side. Dredges are on their way to the inlet for a one-time federally funded fix, but Sen. Bill Cook, R-Beaufort,,, Read the rest here 12:05

“Wicked Tuna: North Vs. South” Show up in the air, The Question Is, Will increased bluefin tuna quota benefit local fishermen — or not?

thumbnailCAI0LXDYA new management rule that went into effect Jan. 1 effectively gives twice the general quota for bluefin over previous years for North Carolina through March 31. Although the quota change might lessen some of the longstanding regional conflict over bluefin that fanned last year’s “Wicked Tuna: North Vs. South” reality TV show, it still does nothing to change the overall share of the pie. Read the rest here 15:48

Crisis Without End: Key moments in the Oregon Inlet saga

It seemed like déjà vu all over again when the Dare Board of Commissioners voted on Jan. 5 to authorize matching funds for “immediate” dredging of Oregon Inlet — the latest chapter in a crisis that has dragged on not for years, but for decades. Observers and activists alike confess astonishment at how long the crisis has continued — and frustration at how little has been done to effectively address it. Read the rest here 14:15

County authorizes tourism grant of $300,000 to dredge Oregon Inlet

Dare County commissioners voted Monday morning to authorize providing local money for dredging Oregon Inlet. The Dare County Tourism Board approved a grant of $300,000 last month to help secure matching state funds to contract with the Army Dare County Tourism Board for a dredge to clear out the latest shoaling blocking the channel under and just east of the navigation span of the Bonner Bridge. Read the rest here 21:33

Commercial fishing boat runs aground in Oregon Inlet

FV-Fine-Tuna-in-Oregon-InletA commercial fishing trawler from Wanchese ran aground Monday morning just east of the Bonner Bridge in Oregon Inlet. Pictures from eyewitnesses show the F/V Fine Tuna was hard aground and side too the Bodie Island shoal, which juts out into Oregon Inlet, sometime before 10 a.m. Read the rest here 09:16

Clogged Oregon Inlet keeps charter boats docked

HATTERAS ISLAND, N.C. — Boat owners are concerned that the start of charter fishing season may leave them high and dry because the Oregon Inlet is clogged with sand. newsobserver.com  Read more here  17:13