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Over-regulation threatens New England fishing industry

yNew Hampshire fishermen locked horns with a federal agency this year over fishing regulations and mandatory costs they said would put them out of business for good. The fight ultimately led to a federal lawsuit filed in December against the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which oversees the nation’s fisheries. The suit challenged the legality of NOAA’s intent to make fishermen pay for observers to monitor their compliance with federal regulations. Fishermen said it was unfair they would be forced to pay for their own policing.  Read the article here 11:25

Sign the Petition and Tell Congress – SAVE OUR FISHERMEN – Author: Sandra Yates

tj_greg_mayhew_menemsha_apr222013_1a_02Over regulation and over-criminalizing America’s commercial fisheries is putting an industry out of business. Fishermen do not need to be treated as criminals. Fishing is CIVIL not CRIMINAL. These people just want to work and support their families like everyone else. They need help. Its a way of life being destroyed by bureaucracy and special interests groups, flawed data and plain ol fiction. Tell Congress to SAVE OUR FISHERMEN. Sign the Petition here 16:17