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James McCauley shares memories in new memoir ‘In My Wake’

James McCauley has spent most of his life on the water. About four years ago, after his wife, Joan, suffered a stroke and he began taking care of her, McCauley decided to sit down and write his memories of commercial fishing, by hand, on yellow legal pads. Those afternoons spent writing led to his memoir, “In My Wake,” which he published this year. The book recounts his career and draws from years of logs kept on his vessels, but “a lot of it is just memory,” he said.,,, McCauley was the owner and operator of two boats, the F/V Jerry & Jimmy and F/V Alliance. He helped develop the marine fisheries program at the University of Rhode Island, where he taught from 1970-74, and was the president and chairman of the board of the Point Judith Fishermen’s Cooperative Association from 1985-95. click here to read the story 11:25

Small Scale: Two Scoops Bait Company allows anglers to spend less time looking for bait

“During the week it’s mostly guides, but on Fridays and weekends it’s a lot of guys,” said Trey Daugherty, owner and operator of Two Scoops Bait Company. “Each day more recreational guys call me, and they definitely keep me busy throughout the day.” Daugherty started his bait-selling business in the spring of last year and was so successful he picked up right where he left off early last week. As the demand for scaled sardines and other finned live bait from anglers increases, Daugherty finds himself needing to increase his supply to keep up with rising demand. “Some days I’m spending four or five hours catching bait. I’m catching about 300 to 400 dozen everywhere from Fort DeSoto all the way to Port Manatee. It’s been tough recently, and I think that’s why a lot of guys come to me,” Daugherty says. continue reading the story here 12:11

Tonight in Political Inaction – Lu Dochtermann, a 72 year old still in his wheelhouse, and he wants some answers.

Lu Dochtermann, a 72 year old still in his wheelhouse for multiple annual fisheries, continues to obtain a simple and swift solution to the problem plaguing the North Pacific Halibut longline fleet.,,For weeks, Dochtermann has been asking for some immediate action, and today, again takes up the cause with Senator Lisa Murkowski and her fishery aide, Jay Sterne in Washington DC with the following email. Read more here   20:27