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These guys are pissed! Apalachicola Bay Oystermen rage at possible bay closure

Frustrated over talk Apalachicola Bay might be shut down to oyster harvesting this winter, Franklin County seafood workers angrily confronted the president of their workers association at a meeting Friday evening. Barraged with catcalls and accusations from the standing-room-only audience, Shannon Hartsfield cut short his presentation regarding details of the upcoming $4.5 million shelling program, funded through a federal fishery disaster grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Read the rest here 12:01

Florida aquaculture officials take cautious approach to Apalachicola Bay aquaculture leases

In a lengthy and detailed face-to-face meeting with local seafood industry leaders Monday afternoon, Florida aquaculture officials signaled they planned to take a cautious approach to opening up Apalachicola Bay to small oyster harvesting leases. [email protected]