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Lobster: Don’t put us in same pot

FOREWARD: The spring fishers of P.E.I. include over 1,000 fleets from Tignish to East Point to Victoria. We are grateful for the support of local businesses and the general public who purchase our cold-water lobster each year. As with all goods and services, prices of lobster also fluctuate. However, one thing remains constant: Spring-caught lobster are hands-down the best quality lobster in North America, and when it comes to annual prices, the bar should be set by the highest quality product. We acknowledge that several factors also affect the price of lobster, such as CAD value, supply and demand. Our two articles are meant to provide clarity on the varying costs of P.E.I. lobster. Following is Part 1. >click to read<10:28

PEI Lobster fishery soon to be certified sustainable

MSC-LogoP.E.I. lobster should be certified environmentally sustainable before fishermen go back out on the water again. The P.E.I. Fishermen’s Association hopes Island lobster will be certified as environmentally sustainable by mid-December, in plenty of time for the opening of the spring fishery in May. The fishery is in the last stage of approval to earn . Read the rest here 12:01