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Pacific Andes factory vessel lands on illegal fishing list – China Fishery Group “disappointed” to be on the list

Pacific Andes’ flagship factory trawler Damanzaihao, formerly known as Lafayette, is on the final list of vessels marked as engaged in illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing drafted by the South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organization’s technical and compliance committee. Also on the list is Avrora, alternatively spelt as Aurora, the Russian-flagged trawler previously known as Pacific Conqueror and with former ties to Pacific Andes. Read the rest here 08:48

‘Not a fishing vessel’? Pacific Andes now says Lafayette can’t fish, as it heads for jack mackerel fishery

lafayetteCommenting to the newspaper, a Pacific Andes spokesperson said the Lafayette is “not a fishing vessel”, explaining the quotas are set by the South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation “for the catcher fishing vessels it supports”. This is an interesting comment from a company that since 2010 has argued that the Lafayette could fish, after it tried to defend catches of 41,315 metric tons declared by Russia to the SPRFMO that year. Read [email protected]  08:08

I’m no Greenpeace fan, but, enough is enough. This is disgusting.

lafayetteMonster fishing ship in Pacific, east of Australia – The world’s largest fishing vessel, the factory freezer ship Lafayette, has turned up in the Pacific Ocean east of Australia. Satellite-tracking systems registered the location of the controversial 49,000 tonne Lafayette and six attendant trawlers north-east of Norfolk Island on Friday, Greenpeace said. The Russian-flagged, Chinese-owned vessel is five times the size of the Dutch factory trawler Margiris, which was banned from Australian waters in 2012. Read [email protected] 14:20