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Piscine Reo-Virus found in salmon on one fish farm in B.C. but more research needed

atlantic-salmonScientists have detected a potential disease in farmed Atlantic salmon for the first time in British Columbia, but say more research is needed to determine if it could affect wild populations of the fish. Dr. Kristi Miller, head of the molecular genetics research program in the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, said pathologists found lesions on salmon on one farm in Johnstone Strait indicating they had heart and skeletal muscle inflammation. “These lesions were present for an extended period of time, at least eight months, on this (undisclosed)  farm,” Miller said Friday. The Piscine Reo-Virus has been associated with all outbreaks of heart and skeletal muscle inflammation, as it was on the single B.C. farm, but it’s not known if it causes the disease, Miller said, adding scientists around the world are investigating how the virus could be linked to the disease. Read the rest here 19:36

Pacific Salmon Foundation – Health of salmon not determined by catch counts

18308parksvilleWEBstreamkeepers-jr-mar12B.C. fishermen may have to console themselves with limited harvest of salmon in the coming years, but the long-term prospects for wild Pacific salmon are not as dire as some critics claim, the head of the Pacific Salmon Foundation told members of the Qualicum Beach Streamkeepers during their annual general meeting Saturday at St. Stephen’s United Church. “If you’re interested in the future of salmon, it’s better than indicated by what people talk about in the media,” said Brian Riddell, CEO and president of the PSF and a former staffer with Fisheries and Oceans Canada. “In the past, people have been fixated on catch as the measure of abundance and health of salmon. But the health of salmon is not determined by the catch. It’s determined by the amount of fish that come back and spawn after the catch.” Read the rest here 13:31

Finest At Sea seafood company forfeits catch – no evidence the company was trying to be surreptitious

Finest At Sea has forfeited the proceeds from a $14,000 halibut catch after pleading guilty to contravening the conditions of a commercial fishing licence in March 2012. Court heard the ill health of company owner Bob Fraumeni and a skipper’s inexperience contributed to the company’s failure to apply for a special amendment to the halibut licence on a trip on the Nordic Spirit on March 18 to 20, 2012. Read the rest here 12:30

OK to Catch More At-Risk Salmon if Monitored, Scientist Says

A federal decision allowing commercial fishermen to catch five times the usual amount of endangered coho salmon this year should not be a cause for alarm, said Dr. Brian Riddell, president and CEO of the Pacific Salmon Foundation, a non-governmental organization working to conserve salmon.  Read more here 21:42