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AP tracks slave boats to Papua New Guinea

From space, the fishing boats are just little white specks floating in a vast stretch of blue water off Papua New Guinea. But zoom in and there’s the critical evidence: Two trawlers loading slave-caught seafood onto a massive refrigerated cargo ship. The trawlers fled a slave island in Indonesia with captives of a brutal Southeast Asian trafficking ring whose catch reaches the United States. Hundreds of men were freed after they were discovered there earlier this year, but 34 boats loaded with workers left for new fishing grounds before help arrived — they remain missing. Read the rest here 10:36

PNG authorities unable to find bodies reported in abandoned tuna fishing boat freezer

Three human bodies reportedly left in the freezer of an abandoned fishing vessel in Papua New Guinea may have been removed and replaced with three metre-long tuna, according to a journalist who accompanied police to the site. The fishing vessel was abandoned on a remote island in the far east of PNG’s waters in early December and locals reported seeing three corpses “of Asian appearance” inside a freezer. Read the rest here 07:50

Tuna prices to rise: PNA nations to lift day rate from US$6,000 to US$10,000 in 2015

The fee system had allowed Pacific nations to increase earnings from their tuna fisheries from US$60 million in 2010 to more than US$240 million last year. The PNA allocates 50,000 fishing days a year to tuna boats, with demand high from both international and local operators. Read more here 08:28