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Nova Scotia scientist says “one-of-a-kind” PFD much needed option for fishermen

A former Department of Fisheries scientist has helped develop a one-of-a-kind Personal Flotation Device that he says could stem the tide of fishermen drownings in Nova Scotia. For starters, Paul Brodie says the inflatable, waterproof work suit is far superior to what he calls bulky, cumbersome PFDs and life jackets currently on the market that many fishermen in the province simply don’t wear. “Everyone likes to be free of restrictions when they work but that’s why we have all these mortalities,” said Brodie. “Something has to be done about this appalling loss of people that sometimes happens 100 metres from shore.” >click to read<17:20

Nova Scotia man helps develop inflatable, waterproof work suits

Paul Brodie blows into a valve, inflating the shoulders and chest area in the red work suit he’s wearing. The Nova Scotia research scientist has been helping develop a waterproof, buoyant suit that he hopes could be used by anyone who works on or around the water.  Three companies — 66° North, Seamaster and Hansen Protection — are now producing the gear, which was tested in Denmark and is being manufactured for all three brands in Latvia, Brodie says. “This is a work suit, it is not a survival suit, those big bulky things you put on and go jump off an oil rig,” said Brodie, a former Fisheries and Oceans Canada scientist. Read the rest here  08:59