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Sea Shepherd’s declaration of media war against BC seal hunt

In the middle of what is presently called “The 6th Extinction”, the DFO, our Ministry of Fisheries and a few westcoast First Nations individuals and Chinese Government officials are entertaining a massive west coast seal slaughter.,,, Commentary by Captain Paul Watson The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has physically opposed the slaughter of seals and sea lions around the world since 1977 – from Newfoundland and Labrador to Namibia, Norway, Russia, Finland and Scotland. We cannot ignore any seal killing program,,,  >click to read< 10:07

Sea Shepherd says it was shot at by poachers  in Mexico>click to read<

Defeated – Sea Shepherd to suspend pursuit of Japanese whalers

Sea Shepherd, the environmental group famous for tracking, exposing and occasionally ramming Japanese whalers, says it can no longer compete with them on the high seas. In a statement Monday, the group’s founder Paul Watson said “Japan is now employing military surveillance to watch Sea Shepherd ship movements in real time by satellite,” making it nearly impossible for them to intercept them. “We cannot compete with their military grade technology.” But Watson said the combination of surveillance techniques, the passage of new anti-terrorism laws “specifically designed to condemn Sea Shepherd tactics,” and a threat by Japan to send military vessels to defend whalers was too much. click here to read the story 09:17

Paul Watson attacks Rod Stewart’s sealskin coat fitting

A well-known anti-sealing (radical) activist is using social media to shame Rod Stewart’s sealskin coat fitting. Before performing in St. John’s, the British rock star got fitted for the coat at Always in Vogue on Water Street — a move that garnered attention and praise from many local residents. “You see Rod Stewart simply does not give a damn. He’s in the Ted Nugent, Kid Rock school of rock musicians who have hearts of stone and blood on their hands and thrive on the sadistic thrill it gives them to be known for their lack of empathy and kindness.” Read the rest here 07:55

Statement by Captain Paul Watson: West Coast North American Commercial Herring Fishing Should be Shut Down Permanently

The herring industry must be permanently closed. The decline of the herring is giving rise to an increase of seal and sea lion populations, a decline in pelicans and other sea-birds and is starving whales and dolphins including Orcas. And of course the many species of fish that also depend upon the herring including wild salmon aready threatened by pollution and the ecological destruction of the domestic salmon farms. These other species need the herring more than humans. For every can of sardines on the shelf in a super-market and every order of Kazunoko (数の子/鯑) (herring roe) an animal in the sea, starves and dies. Read the rest here 15:40

Court finds Radical environmentalist anti-whaling Sea Shepherd’s in contempt

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ordered a commissioner to determine how much Paul Watson and members of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society he founded owe Japanese whalers for lawyer fees, damage to their ships and for violating the court order to stop their dangerous protests. The Japanese whalers are demanding $2 million in addition to their attorney fees and damage and cost to their ships for warding off the protests. Read the rest here 21:00

Criminal or conservationist? Paul Watson marks year at sea after fleeing arrest

“I’m not really a fugitive. It’s just that if I enter a border point then that will immediately send a message to Japan to have me arrested and then extradited,” he says.  “The oceans are the last free place on the planet.”

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