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P.E.I sets the Lobster Roll World Record at 120 feet and 120 pounds of lobster meat!

It took 120 pounds of lobster meat, 13 kilograms of dough and about 180 volunteers, but P.E.I. is now the record holder of the world’s largest lobster roll. The exact length: 36.5 metres. That’s 120 feet long — longer than the length of a basketball court. Take that, New Brunswick. “They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well, I think it takes more than that to build a lobster roll,” said Melanie Giffin of the PEI Fishermen’s Association. “With the amount of work that went into it, there was no way we could let it fail.” The bun for the lobster roll was baked in a conveyor oven at the Culinary Institute of Canada from dough donated by the Water Street Bakery and Deli in Summerside. About 60 fishermen and their wives — accompanied by a police escort — paraded the massive roll 1.7 kilometres to the PEI International Shellfish Festival at the Charlottetown Event Grounds. Read the rest here 09:37

Changes coming to Maritime Lobster Fishery

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2Two reports recommend the establishment of a shore price before the lobster season starts. [email protected] 12:14

PEI Fishermen’s Association taking major steps at self promotion campaign called “Taste Wild PEI Lobster Campaign.”

As they await the work of a region-wide panel studying low prices in the lobster industry, the PEI Fishermen’s Association is mounting an aggressive campaign to sell the merits of Island lobster to consumers both at home and around the world. [email protected]’wester 14:01

PEI lobster fishermen keep fingers crossed for good prices

THE SOU’WESTER – As they headed out on the water to set their traps in preparation for the first haul of the season, PEI lobster fishermen were optimistic this would be the year when prices began to turn around. Like most of their counterparts on the eastern seaboard, fishermen in the Cradle of Confederation have been dealing with low prices for the past several seasons. With prices for fuel and bait continuing to rise, the president of the PEI Fishermen’s Association said fishermen need higher prices to stay in the water. continued

The PEI Fishermen’s Association Snow crab registration

The PEI Fishermen’s Association will be holding a Registration and Draw for independent core fishers wishing to participate in the Snow Crab Fishery for 2013. Registration will be held at the following locations: continued

Scientists fear Canada will fish bluefin tuna and other species to extinction

03BlueFinCoronado-BFT1Top marine scientists are denouncing Canada’s management of fish stocks as a commercially driven approach threatening to wipe out species at risk. Read more