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PEI Lobster fishermen voting on marketing levy – 1 cent a pound would go toward campaign to increase prices

P.E.I. fishermen vote this week on whether to accept a one-cent-a-pound levy on every lobster landed that would go into a new marketing campaign to push up prices. The levy, a recommendation of the Maritime Lobster Panel, needs a majority vote of support. It would be matched by processors and would raise more than $500,000 on P.E.I. Video Read the rest here 12:34

Prince Edward Island Lobster crisis needs legislature recall: NDP

CBC_News_logoThe provincial NDP is calling on Premier Robert Ghiz to reconvene the P.E.I. Legislature this week to deal with the crisis in the lobster industry. Fishermen tied up their boats last week to protest low prices running around $3 a pound, which they say is not enough for them to break even. A series of meetings between processors and fishermen has failed to resolve the crisis. continued

PEI Lobster fishermen block $200K lobster shipment

CBC_News_logoProtests continue across the Maritimes as many lobster fishermen refuse to fish until lobster brokers agree to pay a higher price, which they say they deserve. continued

PEI lobster fishermen keep fingers crossed for good prices

THE SOU’WESTER – As they headed out on the water to set their traps in preparation for the first haul of the season, PEI lobster fishermen were optimistic this would be the year when prices began to turn around. Like most of their counterparts on the eastern seaboard, fishermen in the Cradle of Confederation have been dealing with low prices for the past several seasons. With prices for fuel and bait continuing to rise, the president of the PEI Fishermen’s Association said fishermen need higher prices to stay in the water. continued