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Can scallops be farmed in Penobscot Bay?

Everybody knows that the waters off Stonington are a rich source of wild scallops. Could they also be a good place to farm them? Robert Brewer of Deer Isle hopes to find out. Brewer recently applied to the for a 3.8-acre experimental aquaculture lease in East Penobscot Bay, where he plans to grow scallops on suspended ropes using the ear-hanging method developed in Japan. The technique calls for drilling a tiny hole through the flat “ear” at the base of the scallop shell and inserting a plastic pin with a small line attached. The scallops are hung in pairs along ropes called “droppers” that hang vertically beneath the surface.,,, DMR has opened a 30-day comment period for Brewer’s application. Click here to read the story 13:12

Proposed Dredging of Searsport Harbor Threatens Maine Lobster Industry

With nearly half of all Maine lobster catches coming from the Penobscot Bay, dredging will have a huge impact on the lobster industry.  If the dredging doesn’t cause irreparable, long-term harm to lobster populations, the associated mercury contamination could tarnish the reputation of Maine lobster. Read more here 07:59

“This meeting is a sham and a shame,” ‘You are going to bury [the lobster industry]’: Skeptical crowd rips Searsport dredging project

BDNBELFAST, Maine — The conference room at the Hutchinson Center in Belfast was standing-room only on Tuesday afternoon as more than 200 people came to a public information meeting about a controversial Searsport Harbor dredging project. Read more here  21:23