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Will lobstermen/fishermen wear PFDs?

27910-2tThink of the Maine lobsterman, and a few iconic images come to mind: a rugged boat with a wire trap on the rail; gloved hands holding a thrashing lobster and a gauge to measure whether it’s of legal size; a salty-looking fisherman wearing a T-shirt, oil pants and rubber boots, but no PFD (personal flotation device) or life jacket. According to an NEC report, fishermen generally described themselves as being proactive about safety whenever possible. Virtually all boats carry and maintain the safety gear required by the U.S. Coast Guard. A few years ago, many lobstermen began rigging rope ladders off the sterns of their boats to help them climb back on if they went overboard, and some run a line under the rail to a “kill switch” they can tug to shut off the engine if they are being pulled overboard. Lobstermen cited several reasons for their reluctance to wear PFD’s,, Read the rest here 11:04

Lobster fisherman rescued by helicopter after becoming caught in ropes

ORA pfdA man out fishing for lobsters was dramatically rescued yesterday evening after becoming entangled in his own ropes. This happened on Inishinny, a tiny island near to Arranmore Island off the coast of Donegal. A rescue call went out for the man – who was believed to be lobster fishing – just before 6pm. This was picked up by Malin Head rescue coordination centre and a Sligo-based Coast Guard helicopter was notified and arrived at the scene at around 6.30pm. Speaking about the incident, a Coast Guard spokesperson said the fact the man was wearing his lifejacket had been crucial in saving his life. Read the rest here 12:14

Wear that PFD! Lifejackets key for rescued fishermen

ORA pfdTWO fishermen saved after hours floating in waters off Ulverstone on Monday afternoon survived due to “everything going in their favour”, says a key lifesaving official. State lifesaving officer Chris Jacobson said that onshore currents, life jackets, easterly winds and the location of training crew members in an inflatable rubber boat (IRB) were among the factors that ensured the men survived the ordeal.”Realistically if they hadn’t had those jackets on their chance of survival wouldn’t have been good for that period of time,” Mr Jacobson said. Read the story here 08:05