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Economic hardship being imposed on fishermen’s families because of four turtles (Actually it is because of bureaucratic nonsense) The Beaufort Observer

Here’s the story. Somebody, typically a liberal group with a guilty conscience, decides the sky is going to fall unless the government “does something.” So they produce some evidence that things are falling from the sky and scream that we must have new laws and regulations to prevent a catastrophe. They ram through the laws and regulations and then the bureaucrats begin to enforce them, typically using some form of a permit system with stiff penalties for even minor violations. Depending on the disposition and attitude of the bureaucrats citizens begin to experience more and more difficulty getting permits, using their property or a public resource. The bureaucracy of tax-payer funded government regulators and enforcers grows and grows ,,,,,Read More http://www.beaufortobserver.net/Articles-NEWS-and-COMMENTARY-c-2012-10-02-263016.112112-Economic-hardship-being-imposed-on-fishermens-families-because-of-four-turtles.html