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Our fishing heritage has been gutted

“A nation that forgets its past has no future.”— Sir Winston Churchill. The Plains Indians of the American west, the bands of First Nations peoples in North America, were attacked by white settlers and the U.S. cavalry who eventually killed the buffalo herds, the one resource which was essential to the tribes’ existence and their culture.,,, When Canada took control of our fishery, its dominant activity was to produce wealth, power and position centrally as they sold, bartered and traded the resource, its licences, quotas and its processing jobs to foreign countries and elite industry players. >click to read< 08:00

We need a rigorous examination of our fishery, Phil Earle, Carbonear

An inquiry is the only thing that can save this province’s fishery. Other then the occasional comment of concern for the dwindling state of, and wrongs in, our fishery made in the media by a few truth-seekers and truth-speakers, who do not have a vested interest in the resource or who are not government or union position dependent, no one else in the province ever comments on, raises issues in, the pursuit of correcting the abuse and mismanagement of our fishery. The only thing that can save the fishery from its death spiral is the people of the province. Read the rest here 08:26