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The Real Story behind Canada’s Murder for Lobster Case

Two years ago, in a small Nova Scotian village, a local troublemaker and lobster thief went missing, and three lobstermen eventually confessed to his vicious murder. Had this trickster finally gotten what was coming to him, or was the real story — and what it said about its community — something much more tragic? On the morning of June 1, 2013, Venard Samson motored across the mouth of Petit-de-Grat Harbour in a small fishing boat. The narrow harbor, off the southeastern coast of Nova Scotia, is wedged between Petit-de-Grat Island, where he lives, Read the rest here 15:18

James Landry sentenced in ‘murder for lobster’ case to appeal

A Cape Breton fisherman convicted in the so-called “murder for lobster” case is appealing his sentence. Joseph James Landry, 67, of Little Anse, was sentenced in January to 14 years in prison. His lawyer called that sentence “excessive.” Landry was one of three men on board the fishing boat Twin Maggies on June 1, 2013. Read the rest here 15:04

The untold truth of the Petit de Grat tragedy

Phillipe BoudreuSeveral readers from Isle Madame share my distain for those who falsely depict lobster stealer  as a case of “murder for lobster.” Here’s a letter from one of them, a life-long Petit-de-Grat resident who withheld his name for obvious reasons. If all you know about Philip Boudreau’s death is what you’ve seen on TV or read in the papers, prepare for an eye opener: Read the rest here 13:19

On the death of Philip Boudreau – A streak of sunlight over Petit-de-Grat

Phillipe BoudreuOn June 1, 2013, Philip Boudreau, 43, was killed, allegedly by three lobster fishermen from the Acadian fishing village of Petit-de-Grat, N.S., on Isle Madame. News reports also described Mr. Boudreau as a fisherman. Well, not exactly. He was a Cape Breton original – a poacher and a thief, a rustic Robin Hood with a deep affection for dogs and children. His rap sheet ran nearly 11 pages, but he was not particularly acquisitive. One neighbour says he would “steal the beads off Christ’s moccasins” – then give the booty away to someone in need. Read the rest here 08:30

Philip Boudreau ‘murder for lobster’ trial Continues: Crown witness was so frightened, he soiled himself.

Phillipe BoudreuOn Monday, Craig Landry told court, it was James Landry who fired the shots at Boudreau’s boat, who dragged Boudreau out to sea with a gaff and who helped tie Boudreau to an anchor. Early Tuesday, the defence drilled Craig Landry on his testimony from the day before, asking him why he didn’t say anything when Landry allegedly fired shots at Boudreau’s boat. Read more here 22:12

Philip Boudreau ‘murder for lobster trial’ resumes with key witness “He’s going to get a scare this time.”

B97194174Z_120130613062542000G4G35TL4_11Craig Landry told the court that on the morning of June 1, they were setting traps near Mackerel Cove when they saw an object about a quarter-mile away. He said Samson suspected it was Boudreau playing with the traps. Read the rest here 16:27

Philip Boudreau murder trial to begin Monday

B97194174Z_120130613062542000G4G35TL4_11The first of four people charged in the death of Cape Breton fisherman Philip Boudreau last year goes to trial Monday. James Joseph Landry, 66, is charged with second-degree murder in a case that shook the small fishing village of Petit-de-Grat, on Isle Madame. Read the rest here 08:47