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US: Chinese Island Building Threatens Shipping, Fishing

China’s aggressive island building in the South China Sea has drawn international attention to Beijing’s expansive maritime territorial claims. This week it also drew a caution from the head of the United States Pacific Fleet, Admiral Scott Swift. In a speech at a Cooperative Strategy Forum in Hawaii Monday, Admiral Swift did not name China as the country responsible for the situation. But he said the way claims have been enforced has intimidated fishermen who “trawled the seas freely for generations” and are now facing threats to their livelihoods. Read the article here 08:59

China Will Solve Maritime Disputes Through Direct Talks – remember the Geoduck ban ?

Increasing Tensions – Yang’s remarks about direct negotiations indicate China wants to  , he said. In his speech, Yang did not mention the U.S.’s role in regional territorial disputes, yet China has opposed the country’s “pivot” to Asia, blaming it for increasing tensions in the South China Sea. Read more here 08:04

Global powers sign declaration on sustainable fishing

ATHENS) – Officials from some of the world’s top fishing powers signed a declaration in Greece on Friday to promote sustainable management of fish stocks. The signatories — the EU, United States, Japan, Philippines, Colombia and Indonesia — pledged to support measures to address fishing overcapacity. Read more here eubusiness.com 14:08

The Philippines has resumed White shrimp exports to US, China

Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources director Asis Perez said shrimp growers in General Santos City, Negros, Cebu and Batangas started shipping dozens of containers of white shrimps to other countries.  He said each 40-foot container carried 26 metric tons of white shrimps. [email protected]  16:02