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Book Review: “Blood in the Water,” by Silver Donald Cameron

Perhaps you remember the case: “Murder for Lobster,” read headlines around the world, detailing the bizarre and tragic tale of a locally renowned ne’er-do-well who in 2013 was killed by three Nova Scotian lobstermen, sick of the man stealing their lobster traps.,, Isle Madame is a place where neighbors are like family. When a home burns down, the whole community throws a fundraiser. For decades, the community accepted his indecencies. Better to live relatively peacefully, albeit with some big annoyances, than incur Boudreau’s wrath.,, Boudreau was a neighbor. He was also a pest. In Cameron’s telling, his murder poses some big questions about society: Where do we as society draw the line? >click to read< 11:12

Blood in the Water: A True Story of Revenge in the Maritimes

Scofflaw Phillip Boudreau of Isle Madame, off the southeast coast of Cape Breton, was the kind of guy who would threaten to burn down your house if he had a grudge. He’d steal your lobsters, sell them, and then tell you to your face what he’d done.,, Boudreau was on the water in his speedboat, apparently cutting lines to lobster traps set by the crew of the fishing boat Twin Maggies. an enraged James Landry fired four shots from a 30-30 rifle at Boudreau before captain Dwayne Samson ran him over. It became known as the “murder for lobster” case.  But that description, Silver Donald Cameron argues, comes nowhere near capturing the complexities of the crime and its effects on the local community. >click to read< 16:24

Twin Maggies crew member Craig Landry pleads guilty to accessory after the fact in killing of Phillip Boudreau

During James Landry’s trial, Craig testified that after James fired four shots at Boudreau, Dwayne Samson repeatedly rammed Boudreau’s small open boat with the larger Twin Maggies. James Landry then hooked Boudreau — said to be still alive — with a gaff, and the Twin Maggies hauled him out to sea. On the two occasions Boudreau managed to slip loose, James Landry caught him. Craig Landry testified that he last saw Boudreau floating, naked from the waste down, limp and foaming from the mouth. Read the rest here 16:21

Someone is slashing gear in Petit-de-Grat – business as usual

Police in Petit-de-Grat are investigating several new cases of lobster traps being cut. This new investigation takes place only months after the ‘murder for lobster’ trial, which shocked the Cape Breton community. Phillip Boudreau’s sister, Margaret Rose, says for the town, cutting traps is just business as usual. “I am not surprised because this is something that has been going on for decades in this community,” she said. Read the rest here 07:17

Carla Samson’s charges dropped in Phillip Boudreau ‘murder for lobster’ case

Phillipe BoudreuThe Crown has dropped charges against a Cape Breton woman charged in the death of a fisherman whose body has never been found. Carla Samson had been facing a charge of accessory after the fact in the death of Phillip Boudreau, who disappeared on June 1, 2013. Monday morning, the Crown announced it was calling no evidence and dropping the charge in the case which has become known as the ‘murder for lobster’ case.  Read the rest here 11:14

UPDATED! Fisherman Joseph James Landry sentenced to 14 years in killing Phillip Boudreau in lobster dispute

A Cape Breton fisherman has been given a 14-year prison sentence for killing a man he said enraged him after cutting his lobster traps and threatening to burn his home. But the Nova Scotia Supreme Court gave Joseph James Landry about 2 1/2 years credit for time served in custody awaiting trial, meaning he would serve about 11 1/2 years. Landry was convicted by a jury in November of manslaughter in Phillip Boudreau’s death. Read the rest here 12:07

Fisherman Joseph Landry found guilty of manslaughter in Phillip Boudreau ‘murder for lobster’ trial

Phillipe BoudreuA Cape Breton lobster fisherman has been found Guilty of manslaughter in the death of a man at sea. Joseph James Landry, 67, of Little Anse, pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder in the death last year of Phillip Boudreau. Landry’s wife wiped her eyes, crying, after Saturday’s verdict but Landry showed no visible reaction. Read the rest here 16:31

Phillip Boudreau ‘murder for lobster’ case now in jury’s hands

Phillipe BoudreuThe jury in the “murder for lobster” trial in Port Hawkesbury, N.S., has been sequestered for the night after beginning deliberations Friday afternoon.  Supreme Court Chief Justice Joseph Kennedy spent the morning giving jurors directions and outlining their duties. Kennedy said there are three possible verdicts: guilty of second-degree murder, guilty of manslaughter; or not guilty. Read the rest here 20:38  ‘Murder for lobster’ rocks Acadian village of Petit-de-Grat Read it here 22:08

Updated :James Landry ‘murder for lobster’ trial hears closing arguments

Phillipe Boudreu‘Cripple’ and ‘destroy’ – But Crown prosecutor Shane Russell told the jury that James Landry was directly involved in the killing. He said Landry told police he had been pushed to the limit and wanted to “cripple” and “destroy” Boudreau if he got the chance and “let the crabs eat him.” When Landry saw Boudreau that morning and suspected him of cutting traps, that was the opportunity to get rid of him, the prosecutor said. Read the rest here 21:57

James Landry admits to police he shot Phillip Boudreau

imagePhillipe BoudreuThe 67-year-old Cape Breton fisherman accused of murdering Phillip Boudreau admitted to police that he shot the man, according to a taped statement played Wednesday to a Nova Scotia Supreme Court jury in Port Hawkesbury. Police interviewed Joseph James Landry a week after Boudreau disappeared. Read the rest here 19:27

Phillip Boudreau’s murder trial resumes

Crown prosecutor Steve Drake said the Twin Maggies rammed Boudreau’s boat three times at the mouth of Petit-de-Grat harbour on June 1, 2013. He said Landry fired four shots from a rifle, one of which hit Boudreau’s leg. Read the rest here 10:17

Phillip Boudreau’s murder off Petit de Grat gradually unfolding in court

imageThe crew of the Twin Maggies have different stories to tell about how Phillip Boudreau was killed. And the three people accused in his death are the only witnesses to how the 43-year-old Petit de Grat man died on June 1, 2013. “Yes,” Craggs said when asked outside of the courtroom if his client and co-crewman Craig Landry, who are not closely related, have different versions of how Boudreau was killed. Read the rest here 13:56

Phillip Boudreau was dragged out to sea, ‘murder for lobster’ trial told

B97194174Z_120130613062542000G4G35TL4_11The Crown in Nova Scotia says a Cape Breton man was dragged out to sea with a gaff and tied to an aluminum anchor in a case of “murder for lobster.” Prosecutor Steve Drake delivered his opening arguments today at the , who has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder. Read the rest here  and here 11:02

Bail hearings today for 2 accused in Petit-de-Grat murder – Boat’s captain, 1 crew member in Port Hawkesbury, N.S. court

The captain of the Twin Maggies lobster boat, Dwayne Matthew Samson, and one of his crew, James Joseph Landry, are scheduled to appear today.  [email protected]

Is Phillip Boudreau really a victim? by Phonse Jessome

Phillip Boudreau is a murder victim and they rarely need defending but maybe he does. It might be easy to blame him for what happened but it seems to me that is like blaming the bullet, not the finger on the trigger. [email protected]

Lobster boat crew’s court dates set in murder case

PORT HAWKESBURY — The crew of the Twin Maggies appeared in provincial court Monday to set new court dates for the second-degree murder charges they all face. The three men — James Joseph Landry, 65, of Little Anse; Dwayne Matthew Samson, 43, of D’Escousse; and Craig Landry, 40, of Petit de Grat — are charged in the disappearance and presumed death of Phillip Boudreau from Petit de Grat. [email protected]

Residents shocked by fishermen’s death

PETIT-DE-GRAT, N.S. — Local residents in the quiet, mostly fishing communities on Cape Breton’s Isle Madame remain gripped by each day’s headlines and rumours about the disappearance of 43-year-old Phillip Boudreau. Bill Joyce, general manager at local CITU FM radio station in Petit-de-Grat, was on friendly terms with Boudreau and the three men charged with his second-degree murder. He said no one ever thought they would be facing the accusations. [email protected]’wester

Community of Isle Madame divided over disappearance of man presumed murdered

B97194174Z_120130613062542000G4G35TL4_11PETIT de GRAT — There have been lines cut and lines crossed off the rocky shore of Isle Madame. Phillip Boudreau, a well-liked but widely accused poacher from Petit de Grat, is missing and presumed dead. The Mounties have charged the three crew members of the lobster fishing boat Twin Maggies with second-degree murder even though RCMP divers haven’t been able to find Boudreau’s body. And the small Acadian community of a few hundred souls on Isle Madame is reeling. A province is watching and everyone wants to know what happened. continued @ Chronicle Herald

Murder charge in Petit-de-Grat fisherman’s death

CBC_News_logoRCMP have charged a 40-year-old man with second-degree murder in connection to the death of a fisherman from Petit-de-Grat, a small fishing village in Cape Breton. Craig Landry was arrested on Thursday and charged with murder in the death of Phillip Boudreau. Both men are from Petit-de-Grat, in the southeastern corner of Cape Breton Island. continued @ cbcnews