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“Gloucester: When the Fish Came First.” New coffee-table photo book captures legacy of the Gloucester fisherman

“I wanted to get to know the place so I picked up 35-millimeter cameras,” Nubar Alexanian recalled. “I wanted to find one of the most successful fishing families and follow them. So from 1979 to 1981, I followed the Brancaleone family. I literally became part of the family.” Alexanian braved 10-day trips at sea, with much sea sickness, and he still wanted to immerse himself more in their world on the frigid northern Atlantic. “The captain would say, ‘I’m not coming in for you.’ But when you are young and determined with a story that you are trying to tell, you forge ahead,” he said. Decades later, Alexanian is now telling his Gloucester story in a large-format book titled “Gloucester: When the Fish Came First.” Read the rest here 09:46